Work hard, play harder

Summer is coming to the end and LEENjoy project team is hardly preparing to the new study year, choosing the best online courses and programs for followers and subscribers.

But, this is not the last summer and the biggest advantage of online learning is any time vacation to be defined. That is why, we have added the category “Leisure” to Levelnaut website, where will be as usually selected only the best and the most actual variants.

For example, today we have added Vegas website as one of the possible destinations.

Just a few more words about this leisure platform. So, Vegas website team claims the following:

“You know how you light up when the coolest person you’ve ever met invites you to a party? Get ready to glow. We live in Vegas. We work in Vegas. We eat, drink, sleep, wake up, swear we’ll never drink that much again, drink just as much the next night and love every minute of it pure Vegas. So when we say you’re invited to our party, you know we mean business…”

We promise you, dear readers, that we will do everything to select all the best variants for you vacations and leisure time, but now it is really the most suitable time for choosing any online course on internet. Why? The answer is obvious – now it is the most suitable time for using countless discounts to educational programs.

And as it has become a good tradition, a little bit later we will publish the list of today discounts.

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