How many advantages of online learning?

Have you ever thought about advantages of online learning? Of course, you have. But how many of them can you name? This question was addressed to members of LEENjoy project and to the internet auditory. You will not believe, guys, there are so many of them, that we have decided to make a special series of posts describing some of them more detailly

Let’s name the most popular at the beginning. There are 20 of them according to the Kajabi blog.

1. The freedom to learn whatever you want
2. Comfort of learning from your own home
3. Ability to work a job while you study
4. They offer ultimate convenience and flexibility
5. Earn bonus points for your resumé
6. Reduced education costs
7. More opportunities for teacher-student interaction
8. You can study at your own pace
9. Expand your career horizons
10. Gain greater access to experts in their fields
11. Expand your professional network
12. Greater ability to concentrate
13. Avoid the dreaded commute
14. Study with thousands of students around the world
15. Reduced academic pressure
16. Boost your brain and keep it healthy
17. Study according to your learning style
18. Build self-discipline and accountability
19. Ability to pursue a hobby or interest
20. Improve your communication skills

No doubts, that you will agree to the majority of arguments and cab even add some more of your own. Maybe this list will motivate you to enroll to any course at any multi platform just now or you will do it soon. Anyway, we will continue talking and discussing this list in our next publications.

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