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Why we have chosen some multi training platforms to LEENjoy “Hall of Fame”? Not only because there are plenty of very important and interesting courses. The second reason is – publications there are always actual.

One of such platforms is Coursera and we are glad to share the new publication from it’s blog.

Worldwide networking opportunities are possible with a Global MBA

As one of the premier international programs on Coursera, the Global MBA from Macquarie University transcends borders in many ways.

Macquarie University is based in Sydney, Australia, but the international reach of its online Global MBA includes current and former students from over 50 countries – including Singapore, United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Japan, India, UK, New Zealand, China! And as a student in the program, you can build your global network through a range of opportunities with peers and professors, including:

– Professor-led weekly live sessions and small-group breakout discussions

– Student-led community spaces via Slack and forums to build connections, as well as plan virtual meetups and worldwide in-person events!

– Career coaching programs for mentorship and career development

– Speaker events and research discussions from industry leaders and academics

– Strong alumni community, leading events and meetups happening across the world or online

The program experience is world-class and has received recognition, earning the No. 1 spot for Class Experience in the global QS 2021 Online MBA rankings, as well as Top 20 Online MBA, QS 2022. The students in the program also work in many industries around the world like entertainment, energy, business, healthcare, engineering, finance, and education – so your MBA experience will not only be culturally diverse, but also industry rich.

See what students and alumni have to say about their Global MBA program:

“We developed the skills to lead teams virtually in a global network. We were working with people from different cultures and different backgrounds. One of the biggest benefits for me was actually learning from the people I was working with on projects—learning how they think, and their approach to solving problems. There’s a perception of online learning that it’s maybe not as ­effective as traditional learning, but this course broke down those barriers.”

– Chris Uren, Global MBA alumni, and Crew Performance Manager at Qantas Airlines (Image credit: Chris Pavlich – The Australian)

“I love the flexibility and accessibility. When I started the program, I was working in a full-time role as an Associate Director of Business Management at a financial services company. I was also pregnant and had a demanding preschooler at home to look after. Online learning made it possible for me to continue my education. I was able to learn on my own time. The program also has a thriving Slack community and local meetups. While I initially thought I may not have many networking opportunities, I was pleasantly surprised by the rich interaction made possible by digital tools.”

– Nandita Carvalho, Global MBA student, fintech director, and working parent

Chris and Nandita’s stories are just two examples of the ways you can learn essential career skills, achieve work-life balance, advance your career, and build your professional global network by enrolling in the Global MBA from Macquarie University. If you are ready to take a leep and start your MBA, join the Global MBA from Macquarie and prepare for a globally diverse, world-class experience.

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Worldwide networking opportunities are possible with a Global MBA

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