Guest Post Guide or LEENjoy WIN-WIN formula

“Do you have any win-win formula in LEEnjoy?” – asked one of our subscribers in contact form. It is a very good question, but unfortunately not so many people ask it. Sure, we do have such a formula and now we will gladly share it with you.

So, as you know, we have the main step-by-step instruction for all LEEnjoy project participants. And many of you have been following already this instruction. But we have some sweet offer for the most active members of our team and now you will share it with you.

As I mentioned in Step-by-step instruction, you don’t even need to have your own blog. Instead of it you can use my news website called How does it work? Everything is very easy as one, two, three.

The steps are as follows:

– to buy any paid course via LEEnjoy website links (for example you can start learning any marketing or CEO course and become a professional in this sphere). Just mind, that you shouldn’t be register at this website yet, or LEEnjoy project will not get its’ small referral commission 😉

– to register in one (or a few) CPA affiliate networks (in order to get your links for promotion and earn in affiliate program)

– prepare ONE link only from CPA networks or you can even use your links from any aside projects (mlm, business, websites etc.)

– apply to me via e-mail and get editors access to (but proofs of paid course and registration in CPA networks are mandatory in this case – write the name of CPA network and the name of course, which you have bought via To get editor’s access to is very easy, you should just send me your e-mail address.

– start making news, that means start writing news posts to logically inserting into the news text ONE of your links into each post to the suitable news category. For example, you can add a hot news about business or health and make anchor/link to the word “business” or “health” or any other, leading to YOUR website/blog. Sure, it will be not an original information, you should rewrite actual world news by means of any free paraphrase applications/websites like Quillbot or Paraphraser. Also, mandatory to use free pictures/illustrations only 9taken from free websites like Pixabay or any other like this and mentioning the source of publication.

– if you have done all steps written above, you can also apply via mentioned contact and for becoming moderator in one (or even i all) LEENjoy groups and chats and publish all your posts without additional approvement.

Believe me, it is absolutely not hard, but saving much time and much money. And soon it will become your profitable and independent business. Everyone can make this way one guest post daily and promote his business regularly.

This information will be updated, and the scheme of work will be increased and improved. Networkers and marketers perfectly well know such a way of promotion. It is called “a guest post”. By the way, Guest post catalogs owners may include our website to their lists.

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