Survey Junkie: Some More Details

It is very motivating to get feedback from LEENjoy project followers. We are glad, that you are looking for some additional ways of earning to your online courses.

So it is natural that you ask to give some more details about SurveyJunkie platform. Ok, no problems, let’s go into details.

Survey Junkie – Some More Details


Over $40,000 paid out to Survey Junkie members daily. Get your share.
Complete three surveys daily, earn as much as $40 monthly
$25M paid out to date
$1M+ monthly payout
20M+ members
Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5 from more than 30k+ reviews


Survey Junkie is a rewarding, trusted and fun way to influence brands by
sharing what you think and do. We place the power to earn cash and gift cards
at your fingertips. Taking surveys and sharing online browsing activity are
some of the ways members turn their valuable experience into earnings and
influence. It pays to be a survey junkie!


Now that you have their attention, use our key messages
to explain what Survey Junkie is.
• Survey Junkie is a rewarding, trusted and fun way to influence
brands by sharing what you think and do.
• A safe, secure platform, hundreds of thousands of people turn to us
each day to share their opinions and behaviors to influence some of the
world’s most loved brands and products.
• Taking surveys and sharing online activity are some of the ways
members participate and earn rewards. Share activity through our
Pulse feature to turbocharge your earnings with guaranteed monthly
points and access to exclusive higher-point surveys.
• Members can cash out beginning at $5 via cash through PayPal or bank
transfer, or gift cards for Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Starbucks,
Visa, iTunes, etc.

• Take Surveys & Get Paid
• Earn Extra Cash for Extra Costs like Gas and Groceries
• Extra Spending Money for Coffee, Lunch and Whatever Pops Up
• Your Opinion Matters. Get Paid for It
• Join Millions Who Take Surveys for Extra Cash
• Join to start earning today
• Download the app now
• Join for FREE!

Help your audience imagine the many ways Survey Junkie
can fit into their lifestyle.
Ways members incorporate Survey Junkie into their daily schedules…
• On the go (work commute, in line for coffee)
• During down time (lunch hour, morning coffee, relaxing in the evening)
How members use Survey Junkie rewards…
• Regular expenses/bills (gas, groceries, phone, streaming subscriptions)
• Extra spending money (coffee, lunch, rideshare, something special,
hobbies, night out)
• Treat loved ones (surprises, movies, dinner)
• Annual gifting occasions (holidays, birthdays)
• Savings (emergency fund, college fund, vacation, investment account)

We provide value for all of our members, but we have slightly more female
members. Our members are interested in side hustles and making money
online. They enjoy all types of media, but it all depends on context:
1. Intent: Are they interested in that moment?
2. Time: Do they have time to take action?
A global community
Marketing in other countries may be more cost-effective. Survey Junkie is
available in the United States, Canada, Australia and, coming soon, the United
Kingdom. At launch, Survey Junkie will be limited to the Android mobile app
and PayPal cashout in the UK. Pulse is not available in Australia or the UK.

To join SurveyJunkie and start earning

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