AFFI CAFFEE, 27.08.2022

Affi Caffee is a combination of three words into one – “affiliate”, “cafe” and “coffee”.

It is a virtual place on internet, where meet representatives of any mentioned above categories of websites and Levelnaut/LEEnjoy team members. Interesting offers, “reaching outs”, insides, “MeetLearnersOnline” candidates’ ideas, information from Contact Form of Levelnaut website, comments and so on.

So, let’s go.

“I hope this email finds you well! This is Richard, Account Coordinator for the Ticketclub Affiliate Account, and I’d like to personally welcome you to the Ticketclub program. Now that you’ve been accepted into the program, the next goal is to get you live. Do you currently have a timeframe on when you will promote Ticketclub?
If you need any help with the program or asset placement, then please contact me.”

Thank you for reaching out, Richard. You are always welcome to send to our e-mail (you have it already), or via CPA, or via our Contact Form – any positive materials about TicketClub, which could be published, any press-releases, any offers and so on. Good luck!

(the same concerns any other brands, which links are published at Levelnautcom)


Israeli Businesses and Global Expansion. We are getting lots of interest from editors and TV producers for experts (such as yourself) in the space. As everything in the news currently revolving around the global expansion of Israeli businesses. I’ve looked at your proposition and think you have a lot to offer the press.I’d like to discuss how we can work together to make some national and global media coverage happen for you (by the way I don’t invoice clients upfront!)I’d be happy to talk you through some examples of what we’ve done for our clients and the success they have seen. Can I shoot over some examples of what I’ve done for similar clients? My colleague Michelle is on CCThanks!

Perfect, Cloudy. You were answered personally. Good luck!


Hi, Rebecca Crouse here, Amy Harrop’s JV Manager, just checking in to see if you have all you need? It’s only one week until the launch of Amy’s newest content solution – Succeed with Seasonal Printables: Make Sales with Every Season and we’re we’re getting pretty excited ~ we go live on August 30th at 11am Eastern.

Hi, Rebecca! We are in touch. Good luck!


I`m glad to greet you in a MEL Science affiliate program! I`m your personal manager. In case you meet some difficulties in your first campaign settings do not hesitate to ask me any questions. The creatives you can use for the campaigns are here in attachment. Also, let me know if you need a sample for a review. Thank you and have a high conversion!
Best regards, Tanya Leon, Affiliate Marketing Manager MEL Science

Tanya. it was really great to get messages from you. We are waiting for your materials, reviews and other things (which you wanted to send to physical address).


Dear readers, partners, followers and LEEnjoy project participants. We don’t show you all our correspondence with our partners, because there can be present some specific business deals and detail. But, we hope that some quotes will help to understand how we deal, whom we deal with and other partners will be encouraged to reach out.

Also we remind you, that anyone can publish his backlink at in exchange of his personal experience in any online learning.

See you at our AFFE CAFFEE!

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