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Crypto fans perfectly well understand what does DAO Expert mean. And we promised at LEEnjoy from time to time share interesting courses to the crypto topic.

We have a lot of multi training platforms in our partnership, including such platforms as BitDegree, Blockchain Council, 101 Blockchains and some others. But this course, Certified DAO Expert, was represented by Blockchain Council multi training platform. And now you will get some more details about it.

Become A Certified DAO Expert™ & Get Ahead In Your Career!
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) statistics show that $10 Billion worth of assets are held by DAO treasuries and there are 1.7 Million governance token holders in the DAO ecosystem.

While the idea of decentralized organizations isn’t entirely new, the use of smart contracts to automate working mechanisms and functionalities is what makes the DAO a useful and interesting concept.

The DAO ecosystem is growing exponentially, and DAOs are being utilized for various purposes, such as investing, fundraising, charity, proposal execution, dApp governance, borrowing, and purchasing NFTs, all without the help of intermediaries.

A Certified DAO Expert™ is a skilled professional with in-depth knowledge of DAOs, including their types, governance, tokenomics, and, most importantly, their use cases. A DAO expert leads, guides, improves and innovates DAO technologies and businesses, as well as assesses DAO risks and challenges.

What do you get?
✔ Blockchain Council Certification
✔ Lifetime access to course content
✔ Lifetime certification validity
✔ Premium global events access
✔ Networking platform
✔ Podcast access for non-profit initiatives
✔ 24*7 support for your queries

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