CPA networks news review, 03.09.2022

Let’s revie some CPA networks news, which we have got at LEENjoy during the last week.

Rakuten Network: “… 2022 Back-to-School Retail Insights. Back-to-school season is quickly approaching and major retailers are gearing up for the mad dash for all the back-to-school necessities. With inflation on the rise and the overwhelming amount of choice, marketers need to tailor their strategies to the current market for this busy time of year…”

ShareASale Network: “… At Knowadays, we help all sorts of people find flexibility and freedom in their lives by becoming freelance proofreaders! Are your readers: – Looking for the perfect student job to supplement their student loan? – Stay-at-home parents who want to earn an income without sacrificing time with their family? – Globetrotters who want to be able to work anywhere? – Approaching (or in) retirement and looking for flexible, mentally stimulating work to supplement their pension?”

AWIN Network: “… Global webinar: How your brand can make an impact with influencer marketing campaigns. Did you know that experts say influencer collaborations can give brands eleven times more return on investment than traditional marketing? As we approach Cyber Weekend and the festive season, now is the time to tap into the $16.4bn influencer marketing industry and create meaningful influencer partnerships via Awin’s global platform that drive ROI…”

FlexOffers Network: “… 5 Apparel Promos Worth Wearing After Labor Day. As most fashionistas are well aware, Labor Day is a time to be conscious of what you are wearing. All the do’s and don’t’s of what is trending can be exhausting and time-consuming to keep up with, and the price for clothing can be insane. Luckily, the FlexOffers network compiled a group of “must-have” deals to make the transition to fall fashion easier on minds and wallets…”

Impact Network: “… Don’t miss out on the mattress market boom! High international demand and large profit margins make the mattress industry extremely lucrative. In fact, with discretionary income rates rising globally and consumers increasingly prioritizing sleep health, experts project that the industry will grow by $13 billion over the next five years…”

ClickBank Network published a replay of the event that we ran on Thursday last week. Just one quotation: “…our guests have used this marketplace to generate up to $159,566 in a single week selling crazy-simple products to hungry buyers…”

JVZoo Network: “…Hi, Rebecca Crouse here, Amy Harrop’s JV Manager, and the launch of Succeed with Seasonal Printables is off to a strong start! I’d love to welcome you to the JV Contest…there are cash prizes and the launch is on introductory pricing through Monday, September 5th. We’ve only been live a few hours, but we’re seeing a 48% conversion rate for the front end and the upsells are doing well, too…”

Refersion Network: “… How to Find Influencers for Your Affiliate Marketing Program. Tips for Finding Influencers. Before you can start benefiting from influencers, you first need to find ones that are interested in working for your brand. Here are three tips that can help you find influencers who might want to work with you…”

CJ Network: “… The 5 Keys to a Successful Prospecting Email Campaign. Email is the granddaddy of the digital marketing world. Labeled with (and rightly so!) a bad reputation from the ‘spammers’ of the past, email marketing has thankfully changed dramatically over the past 15 years…”

Warriorplus Network: “… Deal of the Day. Create High-Converting ‘Video Sales Machines’ in 5 Minutes (89% OFF)…”

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