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We continue talking about benefits and advantages of online learning and number 9 in the list is – Expand your career horizons.

Frankly, followers of LEENjoy project have more of them, but we have taken into consideration regular people.

So, first of all, let’s read what Kajabi blog says about this item of the list.

Expand your career horizons

If the 2008 financial crisis taught us anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as guaranteed job security. An economic downturn can force you to change directions entirely.

You don’t want to get caught unaware. If you’re proactive about expanding your career possibilities, you don’t have to put your fate in the hands of the economy. Instead, you make your own success.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, for example, you could take courses on leadership, management, economics, and business administration. When you think you might want to change careers, inexpensive online courses let you test the waters first.

Don’t be afraid to think beyond just taking classes, either. Consider creating and teaching a class of your own.

Building a successful online course can not only be a source of extra income, but also lead to bigger and better things. Our #KajabiHeroes have become successful business owners from wildly diverse backgrounds and with completely different interests. They all learned how to create an online course starting with a dream, a computer, and Kajabi.

Good arguments, right?

And a few more tips from websitem answering the question How Level Up Your Career.

1. Define your career goals.
Given that 70% of employees are not reaching their full potential at work each day, it’s good to closely examine what you hope to achieve in your career so you can perform at your best.

2. Understand your options.
Take time to learn about the advancement options within your company or industry. You can discover details of potential opportunities through HR, colleague referrals, or digital research.

3. Examine the bigger picture.
Step back from the daily grind to look at the big-picture outcome you strive in your career. Having that vision in mind will help you take advantage of opportunities that align with your career goals.

4. Level up your learning.
Improving your educational foundation can really boost your career. 72% of Americans believe that “a lot” of responsibility falls on individuals to make sure they have the right skills and education to be successful.

5. Reveal your character and confidence every day.
Think of your career advancement journey as one extremely long job interview, where you want to put your best foot forward every day to impress decision-makers.

6. Make yourself useful to colleagues.
Volunteering to assist other teams or departments within your company can benefit you on multiple levels. It shows you are a team player who is willing to jump in when needed.

7. Explore mentorships.
Build a mentoring relationship with an individual who has achieved the level of results you are seeking

8. Challenge yourself by requesting new responsibilities.
Meet with your manager to request more challenging projects and tasks. Share your plan for career advancement with them so they are clear on your goals.

9. Learn about the power of sponsorship.
Within the world of work, a sponsor is a person in a senior leadership role who becomes your champion and advocates for you in the workplace.

10. Stay aware of internal opportunities.
It’s up to you to stay abreast of internal job listings that align with your skills and interests. Internal hiring is six times more effective than all other sources of hiring.

11. Volunteer with industry organizations.
Showing a commitment to your broader field of work provides an opportunity for you to network and build a positive reputation in your business community.

12. Strengthen your networking skills.
LinkedIn reports that 80% of professionals consider professional networking to be important to career success. Knowing how to market yourself is a valuable skill at every stage of your career.

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