Teachable Summit: Journey to Create

We are very glad at LEENjoy, that our followers and subscribers meet in real life from time to time. It makes our connections and relations more helpful, and community becomes stronger.

Now we will share information about one more possibility to meet off-line by means of Teachable multi training platform event.

Journey to Create
SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2022
Get unstuck, get inspired, gain clarity: Join us for three days of insights and actionable advice from successful Teachable creators across all industries.

What’s in store for Journey to Create:
Your path is unique, but you’re far from alone. Get guidance in every subject you need to succeed as a course creator—from email marketing to branding and beyond—no matter what stage of your journey you’re in.

Your path to building a business is unique, but you’re far from alone

Join our free summit for three days of insights and actionable advice from expert creators who’ve not only been where you are but can help you get where you’re going.

Grow your audience, build your brand, and scale your business with the help of 15 expert creators, live demos, and transformational workshops. Learn how to master the money side of your business, avoid burnout while maximizing motivation, trend on TikTok, and so much more, all for free. See the full lineup of summit speakers.\

Learn. Create. Grow. Repeat.
3 Days
Packed with professional insights from creators like you

15 Experts
Covering a range of trending topics, live demos, and in-depth discussions

1 Week
of access to all session replays

This summit is for you if you want to…
Build a transformative business for you and your customers
Grow your course sales and your audience
Learn from other creators who’ve been where you are
Get help in some part of your journey, from creating to scaling
Get support from an engaged community of creators
Build out an action plan for success

Meet your speakers

Day 1: Keynote speaker
Lauren McGoodwin
Founder and CEO of Career Contessa

Day 2: Keynote speaker
Lauren Hom
Designer, Letterer, Educator

Day 3: Keynote speaker
Anthony O’Neal
Author, Speaker, Educator

Day 3: Pre-recorded workshop
Ashley Melkonian
SEO Manager at Teachable

Day 3: Teachable demo
Carrie Swails
Product Marketing Manager at Teachable

Day 2: Workshop
Emma Cortes Ellendt
Content Creator

Day 2: Summit host
Hamza Qureshi
Product Designer at Teachable

Day 1: Summit host
Jess Catorc
Creator Launch Initiatives at Teachable

Day 3: Summit host
Jess Massart
Customer Success Manager at Teachable

Day 2: Teachable demo, Day 3: Pre-recorded workshop
Jonah Cohen
Producer at Teachable

Day 1: Workshop
Jourdan Guyton
Content Coach and Founder of The Courageous Content Academy

Day 3: Workshop
Kelly McKenna
Therapist & Practice Owner

Day 2: Workshop
Keenya Kelly
TikTok Consultant

Day 1: Workshop
Monique Daniels
Senior Onboarding Specialist at Teachable

Day 3: Workshop
Lissette Calveiro
Founder and CEO of Influence with Impact

Day 1: Workshop
Phil Pallen
Brand Strategist

Day 2: Teachable demo
Sam Orr
Senior Product Manager at Teachable

Day 2: Pre-recorded fireside chat
Shakeemah Smith
Founder of Monetize Like A Baw

Every journey needs a guide—we’re yours
At Teachable, our mission is simple: We help creators turn their knowledge into thriving, scalable online businesses.

We give you a platform to build high-quality learning experiences, connect with students eager to learn from you, and maximize your earning potential. We know you can do great things. It’s time to share those great things with the world.


– What’s included in my registration?

You’ll get full access to every summit session, a digital guidebook with space to take notes, plus replays for one week.

– Is this event for me?

We’ve programmed the event with both beginners and experienced creators in mind. We’ll talk about everything from creating your first course to scaling and diversifying your established business, and everything that comes in between.

– What if the events aren’t in my time zone?

Events run from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. EDT, which means for most attendees, at least part of the day will be accessible live. If you can’t join the live events, you can access recordings from every session through replays, which will also feature transcripts.

– Is there any benefit to joining live?

Even though you can watch recordings of the sessions anytime you like, when you show up live you have the chance to ask questions and get real-time feedback from the experts.

– What if I don’t have a large audience?

Whether you have 10 LinkedIn contacts, 100 Instagram followers, or a 100,000-person email list, you have an audience. (And even if you don’t, that’s okay, too—we’ll teach you how to grow one.) This summit has workshops that range from beginner through advanced, so no matter where you are now, we’ll offer strategies to help you level up.

– Do I need to be a Teachable customer to register?

No, this event is for everyone.

– I have additional questions. How can I reach out to you?

Just email us at summit@teachable.com, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

P.S. Can’t attend the live sessions? Don’t worry—when you register for Journey to Create, you’ll gain access to all replays for one week.

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