101 Blockchain: Solidity Fundamentals

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Solidity Fundamentals

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Solidity is one of the most preferred programming languages, created mainly for Ethereum. Solidity is used for developing smart contracts for any Ethereum-based blockchain (e.g. Binance chain, Polygon, etc.), a key highlight of the thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications. The new Solidity Fundamentals course helps you familiarize yourself with the basics of Solidity programming and the methods of creating smart contracts. The course features detailed modules on basic concepts of Solidity, alongside the essential components in its architecture.

We have tailored the Solidity course to help you learn about the flow of operations in the programming language. Learners will familiarize themselves with the use of data structures in Solidity while also understanding the methods for transferring Ether. The course also helps you learn about the different libraries and interfaces that can be used with Solidity.


Learn the process of creating and deploying smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Understand the basic principles and functions of Solidity.

Use Remix IDE for coding, compiling, and deploying smart contracts.


What We Cover to Help You Gain Expertise in Solidity Development?
Introduction to fundamental concepts of Solidity

Data types, variables, control flow, and operators

Scope and visibility of functions Arrays, structs, Enum’s, and other data structures

Transferring Ether for Solidity transactions

Inheritance, libraries, and interfaces

This Training Course Is for You Because…
You are interested in learning about the methods for creating smart contracts.

You are a software developer or engineer seeking career opportunities in the development of decentralized applications.

You are an innovation manager or entrepreneur looking for new business prospects using Solidity applications.

You are a blockchain professional aspiring to enhance your knowledge of smart contracts.

People interested in learning development of smart contract

Innovation managers and entrepreneurs

Software developers, engineers, and IT managers

Blockchain professionals

The Solidity Fundamentals course has been created especially for ambitious professionals who want to close the skill gap between getting formal education and becoming world-class subject matter experts. This course will not only provide you with the necessary theoretical education but will help you gain practical insights through the interactive exercises, demo videos, and whiteboard videos.

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