Language Comfort

We continue improving Levelnaut website according to the LEENjoy followers’ recommendations and other users’ comments. So, what we have already done and what will we do the nearest time?

Ашыке ща all we will pay much attention to the language comfort. The matter is not all our readers and subscribers are native speaking English. So, we will increase significantly the list of multi-language platforms and English training websites and programs.

On the other hand, we will select and collect from all multi training platforms other languages services in order English native speakers could have more variants to study foreign languages.

This way we will make beginning of online learning more comfortable. Any person who joins us will have chance to feel at home here.

Next stage of improvement will concern not only more detailed sub-categorizing of Levelnaut website but also increasing the list of courses and platforms in other languages, besides English.

If you have any other recommendations or comments as to the language comfort of our project – you are welcome to share them with the team and visitors.

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