AFFI CAFFEE, 24.09.2022

Welcome to the next LEENjoy followers meeting at our AFFI CAFFEE. let’s talk and share the news.

MEL Science: “…Hi, LEEnjoy! I hope this email finds you well. We launched two coooolest products these days! Let me introduce to you MEL Medicine and MEL Mathematics.
Few words about these products:
– they are not a subscription, they are bundles.
– for the US only
– Math – for ages 8-12+, Medicine – for ages 14-99+ – Math had been launched for the pre-sale only. The mail sale starts on October… Please feel free to use our creatives and additional information about products in your campaigns. Best regards, Tanya Leon… ”

– Hi, Tanya, thanks a lot for the sent materials. We will obligatorily use them, starting from tomorrow 😉 You are welcome to send more, when you will have ones. Good luck in your work!

Phonics in Motion: “…Hi, LEEnjoy! I hope you’re well. It’s Heloise here from Phonics in Motion on Impact. I’m reaching out to find out if you have any extra exposure opportunities available for the brand. I see you generated some nice traffic towards the program over the previous week and was wondering if you had any ideas on how we can convert and ultimately
get you earning commission for your efforts. Please let me know if I can assist in any way – Do you think your audience would appreciate an Exclusive coupon? Let me know your thoughts. Best Wishes Heloise Griffin…”

Hi, Heloise! Nice to meet you. We can publish any material at about any of your project at So, you are welcomу with that anytime. You can send any materials, which can be published in public. You can also answer questions from my interview and mention everything you want. We are open to any kind of useful collaboration.

Teachable: “…​ Hi, LEEnjoy! On top of our sale, we have a new bonus opportunity! Affiliates who refer 5 new Teachable customers from today through September 30th will earn 30% commission for each sale referred and a $50 flat bonus on top of that. Best, Crystal at Teachable…”

– Hi, Crystal! Thank you for your offer. We will try to do our best!

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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