Some tips to Affiliate Marketers

Ok, dear affiliate marketers, LEENjoy project followers and participants and just curious users of internet. You are still thinking over which affiliate marketing course to choose in order to succeed. Absolutely right step, go on thinking over and we will help you a little now.

The matter is, if you want people to absorb your information and follow your advice, you should follow the rules of the game. In order to understand just a few rules, we will share you just some steps, recommended by Shopify. Sure, it is far not the complete list, but reading it you will get an idea what is that all about.

Launch your affiliate site with existing content
Diversify your affiliate partners
Own the relationship with your audience
Become affiliates for audience-recommended products
Know the ins and outs of the products you’re recommending
Disclose affiliate links
Share discount codes
Create an Instagram affiliate shop
Write product reviews and tutorials
Publish comparison pages
Post product roundups
Consider search intent
Keep an eye on trending topics
Link to localized landing pages
Run ads around peak shopping times
Report on affiliate link conversions

Later we will add many items to this list and discuss everyone, but your vision gets better this way.

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