Coursera: 200K Short Videos and Lessons Plus

No wonder, that leaders of the online education expand their offers and attract new users. We are glad about this fact and all LEENjoy followers get this way some additional opportunities.

Most of us prefer to complete some affiliate marketing courses at most popular websites such as Coursera, Alison and Udemy, but we actively use other popular online multi training platforms too. So, what about the news from Coursera, which videos we are talking about?

Coursera Launches Expanded Clips Offering with Nearly 200K Short Videos and Lessons to Accelerate Skills Development for Employees

Lack of career development is a key reason many employees leave an organization. Yet employees have less time to devote to learning than ever before. A growing number of employees are now looking to gain job-specific skills much faster through shorter, more targeted content.

Today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of Clips, which now provides employees access to nearly 200,000 short videos and lessons designed to help them begin learning high-demand skills in under 10 minutes.

With this shift towards microlearning, Clips enables employees to learn specific skills with 5-10 min videos. It also provides clear pathways into courses for deeper skill development, while driving continuous learning to ensure employees have the right skills to accelerate company growth and innovation.

The initial Clips on Coursera offering featured bite-sized videos focused on business, tech, data, leadership, and human skills. The expanded Clips offering now provides a more comprehensive library of content, including a higher volume of videos for skills that are becoming increasingly more important like leadership and management. Currently, 83 percent of businesses feel it is important to develop leaders at all levels. Yet less than 5 percent have actually implemented leadership training across every level within their organization. To help address this growing need, Coursera has increased the number of leadership and management-related Clips by 10x.

As learners quickly gain skills through Clips, many then seek opportunities for deeper development. Thirty-six percent of learners that have viewed Clips to address their in-the-moment learning needs have gone on to enroll in at least one course.

The most viewed Clips to date include a range of data, cloud, and productivity-focused content such as:

Welcome to Python, by University of Michigan [1 min]
Fundamentals of Data Science, by IBM [2 min]
The Business Case for Visionary Leadership, by University of Michigan [7 min]
Why is Storytelling Important, by Macquarie University [9 min]
Key Cloud Service Providers and their Services, by IBM [6 min]
What is SQL anyway, by University of California, Davis [7 min]
Customize Google Calendar, by Google [4 min]
Taking Charge of Excel, by Macquarie University [6 min]

Global industry leaders and government organizations like Google, New York State Department of Labor, Alstom, and Bosch have adopted Clips to help accelerate skills development within their workforce. Google in particular has made Clips available to all employees worldwide, helping many learners obtain skills that will help them elevate their job performance and begin unlocking new advancement opportunities.

With Clips, Coursera now offers fully scalable learning paths featuring everything from short videos and lessons to professional certificates, and degree programs.

“For my role, developing skills in programming, camera hardware, and design is crucial. Finding relevant courses to acquire these new skills, and gaining practical, hands-on experience has been a challenge,” said Doris Chen, hardware design engineer at Google. “The Clips videos provide relevant content focused on everything from camera and imaging to optical system design. As I continue my training, I’m looking forward to enrolling in more advanced classes and potentially earning an additional degree online to help further my career.”

“I have always been fascinated by the concept of skills development programs and self-paced learning, and the ways it can assist to level up your career,” said Rajat Batra, software engineer at Google. “Clips takes this concept to the next level by adding short and focused job related videos. These videos act as a good starting point to develop a higher level of understanding for several concepts.”

Coursera for Business now enables over 3,500 companies across the globe to deploy world-class skills development content from top businesses and universities. The company’s skills platform gives organizations the ability to assess, measure, and benchmark skills in their workforce. Recent platform innovations including LevelSets are helping employees to quickly determine their proficiency in key skills and identify areas to focus on moving forward. In addition, SkillSets help employees develop specific skills for specific roles. These Skillsets provide the foundation for Coursera’s Leadership and Data & Analytics Academies, which offer a packaged learning experience based on the depth of skill needed for specific roles across an organization.

As the pace of innovation accelerates, the demand for new skills will continue to increase. We’re honored to deliver the expanded Clips offering featuring job-relevant content from the world’s leading companies and universities to help learners further their career.

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