Skillshare celebrates World Teachers’Day

We are glad to join this event as most of LEENjoy followers are online students, teachers affiliate marketers at the same time.

As you know Skillshare is one of the most famous online multi training platform which is first of all specialized on creative and lifestyle courses. But it is not the may reason for sharing this information. Read it and you will understand everything.

World Teachers’ Day: Celebrating Our Standout Teachers

Skillshare’s teachers are expert guides of countless creative pursuits including illustration, animation, surface pattern design, watercolor and so much more. To all of our teachers: THANK YOU!

October 5 is World Teachers’ Day, so we’re shining a spotlight on some of Skillshare’s most loved teachers, selected by their fellows! These teachers stand out because of their unique skills and genuine love of helping others ignite new passions and talents. Find out what makes them each so special, directly from their peers in Skillshare’s teaching community.

llustrator and Children’s Designer Brooke Glaser

Freelance Illustrator and Photo Retoucher Sabrina Gosselin didn’t need much prompting to brag about fellow creative Brooke Glaser. “I’ve jumped around Skillshare so much and have watched many excellent classes by many excellent teachers, but if I had to pick just one, I’d pick Brooke. Her class, Make a Living as an Artist: Strategies for Crafting Your Creative Business, kicked me back into gear working on the illustration side of my career. Her way of teaching is clear, passionate, and joyful, and that class inspired me to watch several of her classes, join her Facebook group, and sign up to her mailing list! That class was super motivating as it included so much information and offered actionable steps that were easy to follow. Also, her brand is so cheery, which definitely inspires happiness and energy.”

Designer and Lettering Artist Gia Graham, and Illustrator Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator and Lettering Artist Vinitha Mammen does not hold back on her appreciation for fellow teacher Gia Graham. “Gia is a total force of nature! I love her classes and the lovely organized way she approaches everything from her classes to her social media to even just a prompt during our breakout sessions with other teachers.”

And Vinitha looks to Dylan Mierzwinski’s classes as inspiration for her own teaching: “Dylan’s teaching gives me so much energy and the courage to be more authentically myself. I love how she’s not afraid to be vulnerable around her students which I think massively helps students feel encouraged to do projects they previously didn’t feel like they could.”

Portrait Artist Gabrielle Brickey

Digital Painter Melissa de Nobrega thanks Gabrielle Brickey for providing a major breakthrough for her with her art practice. “I was a student on Skillshare before becoming a teacher and I ate up all the digital painting classes, which were fewer back then. I took Gabrielle’s class, Paint a Portrait in Adobe Photoshop: Blank Canvas to Finished Illustration, ages ago. Prior to taking her class, I struggled constantly in Adobe Photoshop and couldn’t create anything I was particularly proud of, but I floored myself with my own class project!”

Illustrator Yuko Shimizo

Artist & Creativity Cheerleader Yasmina Creates is a big fan of Yuko Shimizo’s work. “The class that stands out to me the most is Yuko’s class Ink Drawing Techniques: Brush, Nib, and Pen Style. I took it years ago, and about two years before I started teaching on Skillshare. It really got me into inking my watercolor paintings with gorgeous outlines and that was my trademark style for the longest time. I was so fascinated with the class and taking it felt magical!”

Graphic Designer & Storyteller Khadija El Sharawy

Khadija El Sharawy can count Illustrator & Designer Chris Hall as one of her fans! He shares, “There are a great number of teachers I admire. But Khadija has such a nice flow and style to her classes. I especially loved her class Graphic Design: Explore Typography through Animated Music Posters as it really gave me the push to learn more about Adobe After Effects and how to animate my illustrations. This led to numerous motion commissions, including one for Adobe!”

Designer and Entrepreneur Cat Coquillette, and Watercolor Artist Joly Poa

Watercolor Artist & Pattern Designer Priya Hazari shares the love for two of her favorite teachers in the community: “There are so many amazing teachers on Skillshare, but Cat Coquillette brings so much enthusiasm to her classes and gives incredibly thoughtful feedback to her students. You can tell that she truly wants other artists to succeed like she has. My favorite class of hers is Watercolor a Seamless Pattern: Surface Design in Adobe Photoshop for Print-On-Demand. Learning her technique for creating pattern designs in Adobe Photoshop cut my design process in half!”

Priya also gives a shoutout to her fellow teacher Joly Poa. “Joly’s floral watercolor classes were my first introduction to watercolor many years ago and I appreciate the encouraging, supportive environment of her teaching style.”

Artist and Illustrator Alanna Cartier, and Motion Designer Jake Bartlett

Illustrator and Photographer Tracey Capone is not one to sit idly! But she admits, “I’m one of those people who purchases a lot of art supplies before knowing what to do with them, which means many of them sit for a while, untouched. Alanna Cartier’s classes got me excited about something I was ‘scared’ to try, and my gouache hasn’t been sitting around gathering dust. Her sweet and joyful personality on camera, her talent, and her way of explaining her craft, got me engaged in her classes, and made me excited to learn.”

Tracey also shares her appreciation for Jake Bartlett’s teaching: “Jake’s Adobe After Effects classes were some of the first I took when I joined Skillshare. Being both technical and creative, I loved learning from someone who could take complex software and explain the tech so clearly, without losing the creative side of it. I am continuously learning from Jake, and what he teaches gives you the tools to explore even more on your own.”

Watercolorist Elise Aabakken

Illustrator Sam Gillett shares that Elise Aabakken is one of his early influences, and who he connected with on Instagram right after publishing his first class. “While you can tell Elise is immensely skilled in her craft, it was her infectious enthusiasm for watercolor and her genuine concern with people really ‘getting’ the techniques that won me over. She taught me a great Skillshare class is about more than sharing technical skills: it’s about enthusiastically inspiring students to take what they’ve learned and apply it. Great teachers are also great cheerleaders.”

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