Virtuoso and Shura: Write Songs from the Heart

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Yesterday we have divided category Hobbies and Skills into Creative and Lifestyle courses. Very soon we will start completing both categories. And the first course, which was added to the category of Music was How to write songs from the heart by Shura. This course was found at Virtuoso multi training platform, and we are glad to share information about it.

How to write songs from the heart

Length: 1 hr 40 mins
Language: English
Classes: 12

About the course
Learn the art of songwriting, from getting your first ideas down to fleshing them out into radio-ready records from Shura, whose unique approach to building songs has seen her rack up millions of streams.

Learn in your own time
You can take our courses anytime, anywhere, on any device. Turn your commute into the best hour of the day or be inspired at 2am when you just can’t sleep. Learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Your teacher
Shura’s fresh take on synthy pop music saw her burst onto the scene with the breakout hit ‘Touch’. Since then, she’s released 2 albums plus many more remixes and collabs that show off her signature style. A self-confessed ‘confessional songwriter’, Shura’s retro-tinged approach to writing is influenced far more by lived experience and instinct than tradition and theory.

Shura takes us through exactly what you need to know to write a hit record – from finding the first inspirations and lyrical sparks, to constructing chord patterns and arranging the song. She uses Ableton to record and create her tracks, but you can follow along with any music making software of your choice.

What you’ll learn

Get ready to learn:

  • How writing down all her ideas helps her find the first spark for a song
    The secrets to writing meaningful lyrics, including fitting them to the melody and making them rhyme
    – How to use and process found sounds and field recording to add extra life to songs
    The benefits of finding and working with other people and how to get the most out of — creative collaborations
    – How to use unorthodox approaches to overcome difficulties and blocks in the songwriting process
    – How to build out chord progressions with minimal music theory but maximum impact.

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