LearnDirect Has Changed Lives Of 4.5 mln People

If you think that we have introduced you all multi training platforms, so you are deeply mistaken. There are a lot of them and if you want really to transform your life, you should choose the best only. First of all, it is true for LEENjoy followers, but other people can take it into account as well.

Which platform do we want to introduce you today? It is called LearnDirect and its name tell a lot about the main mission and concept. Let’s go into some figures and details.

Why learndirect?

So many people have transformed their lives with new skills from us
At learndirect, we know a skilled, experienced workforce can dramatically improve bottom line performance. Happy and engaged employees mean higher levels of staff retention and lower recruitment costs.

We’ve helped millions of people like you gain new skills and transform their lives. Every day people up and down the country are learning new skills with us.

Some want to improve their skills to get a job or get a better job, others want to be able to help their children at school or to use the internet and enter the digital world.

Our experience

As one of the largest integrated providers of courses and qualifications, training, and employment services in the UK, we deliver the products, services and dedicated support your company needs to successfully recruit, train and nurture the best staff.

Each year around 6,000 businesses equip their staff for success with learndirect
We’ve already helped more than 75,000 businesses equip their employees with the skills needed to improve productivity
Almost 700,000 maths and English test passes have been achieved
300,000 people fulfilled their career ambitions last year
Over 250,000 apprentices have achieved
Why we’re different
But it’s not just our size and access to funding that set us apart. What makes us different is our approach. We believe our forté is the way we build lasting partnerships and create tailored solutions to drive your ambitions and goals forward.

We also know one size doesn’t fit all. Our solutions are scalable and tailored to meet your needs in today’s rapidly changing global market.

Grow your own talent with our services

If you are looking to upskill your workforce, the full range of services that we offer means we’re uniquely placed to help you develop both new and existing staff. Working in partnership with you, we’ll not only attract and recruit employees for you, but we can train and develop them – as well as your existing staff.

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national corporation, we’ll work with you to find a solution that’s right for you, your employees, and your business. To discuss your training and recruitment needs, call us on 01202 006 464, or request a callback

“learndirect has played a key role in supporting employers to develop the skills of their workforce by providing more flexible methods for people to train and has provided vital support in the community to help unemployed people to develop the skills needed to get and retain a job.”

Chris Humphries CBE, former CEO of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills

How can I learn?

With learndirect you can learn in one of our centres, at work or online.

How do I know which qualification or course is right for me?
Before you enrol with us, we’ll check which type and level of qualification you should be working towards. We’ll also check what qualifications and skills you already have, so we can put together the right mix of learning for you. This means you only do the courses you need to – so you don’t have to learn what you already know.

Our Mission and Values

At learndirect we want to help people reach their goals and ‌our vision is simple:

Inspiring people to realise their potential

We want people – whatever their background and wherever they live – to think learndirect when they decide they want to improve their lives, whether that’s through learning new skills or getting a job or getting a better one.

We want companies – small and large – to think learndirect when considering how to provide training and improve the skills of their staff.

We want governments and other organisations – both in the UK and further afield – to think learndirect when they want to implement new training schemes for industry or employment programmes for individuals.

We are 100% committed to helping all of our customers achieve their goals and this is underpinned by the values of our organisation:

Passionate: we show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do for our learners, our customers, ourselves and each other.
Agile: we positively embrace and respond quickly to change through a flexible, proactive workforce that seizes opportunities.
Courageous: we challenge the norm; continuously improve and create opportunities through our entrepreneurial thinking and sound commercial approach.
Empowering: we trust and inspire people to do their best and believe in themselves. We are open to a diversity of ideas, approaches and points of view.
By living and breathing our values, each and every one of our employees look to make our vision a reality.

Fast Facts

– 93% learner satisfaction
– 75,000 businesses have equipped their staff for success with learndirect
– Thousands of students log on and learn with us every day
– Launched in 2000, learndirect has changed the lives of around 4.5 million people, helping them get the skills they need for work and to progress in their careers
– We have a major employer base ranging from thousands of SMEs to blue-chip corporates and major government departments
– 500,000 maths and English test passes have been achieved with us
– Our Skills Support for the Workforce Programme can help businesses boost staff skills at no cost to them

Company History

learndirect was launched in 2000 by Ufi. The government created Ufi two years earlier, in 1998, in response to the New Labour concept of a University for Industry. Ufi was given a remit to use new technology to transform the delivery of learning and skills across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Through learndirect this vision has been realised. Even back then, we challenged the norm and took a bold step to deliver learning online. In doing so, we have built a unique and market leading position – using technology to provide learning solutions.

learndirect has become the UK’s leading online learning provider, reaching into local communities, the workplace and people’s homes with flexible, accessible and supported online learning. With a mission to transform the skills and productivity of the working population by using technology to bring people together to work, share and learn online, we have shown how we can transform people’s lives and help businesses thrive.

Our work has needed to evolve to reflect the changing demands of our learner, the sector, as well as the political and economic landscape. Technology enables to us to do this – the explosion and power of the internet pushes us to find new ways to help people and businesses achieve their goals.

In 2011, the Ufi Charitable Trust (UCT), sold Ufi Ltd and learndirect to private equity house Lloyds Development Capital (LDC).


JHP Group Limited was established in 1983 by JH Pitman, with a family history of training commitment dating back almost two centuries.

In early 2010, a management buy-out by the Executive Board in partnership with LDC (Lloyds Development Capital) gave significant growth opportunities to the business, and enabled skills and employability services to be offered to many more customers.

In Autumn 2012 learndirect and JHP merged under the learndirect name to offer a wide range of customers a seamless service such as: employability support to help people find a job; skills crucial to getting and retaining a job like maths, English, IT and soft skills like communication and team building; in-work training through online courses and Apprenticeships. We have a comprehensive offer to customers and can build continuous learning journeys from pre-entry courses and qualifications to level 4 and beyond.

Dimensions Training Solutions (DTS)

In June 2018 DTS (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stonebridge Group) acquired learndirect from Lloyds Development Capital. The Stonebridge Group is a large group of education related companies focusing primarily in the online distance learning sphere for both government funded and commercially funded qualifications and course.

The stated aim of the Group has always been to advance development through online learning and the acquisition of learndirect was a natural fit.

Live Online Virtual Classes

Are you seeking a platform that combines live tutor teaching with all the benefits of learning from home? If so, learndirect has exactly what you’re looking for! We deliver live virtual classes that can be accessed online by students enrolled on our most popular courses. Speak directly to your tutor and interact with fellow learners in each class!

What are Virtual Classes?

Long gone are the days when you would have to attend in-person classes to gain an academic qualification. With learndirect, you can study the course of your choice from the comfort of your own home. Now, you have the opportunity to upgrade your course to include virtual classes.

Each class will be led by an experienced tutor that specialises in your course subject. During each session, you will have an opportunity to discuss modules, units, and the assessment process. You will also have the chance to speak directly to your tutor and interact with your peers.

By gaining access to live online virtual classes, you will be able to navigate your way through the course with additional tutor support. Each virtual class is designed to assist learners during their academic journey, helping them achieve their desired qualification. What’s more, you can attend these classes from the comfort of your own home. You will get the benefits of tutor-led classes without all the restrictions of in-person learning!

To enroll to any course at LearnDirect

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