AFFI CAFFEE, 15.10.2022

Welcome to the next LEENjoy followers meeting at our AFFI CAFFEE. let’s talk and share the news. “…With skyrocketing energy costs, it’s no wonder 1 in 4 adults in the UK will NOT switch on the heating this winter. With Cold weather AND Black Friday approaching, we expect your Kuddly affiliate commission to skyrocket as well. The UK will be looking to keep warm in their Kuddly gear! Since the Weighted Blankets, Hoodie Blankets & Komfies Slippers are selling for such an amazing price, we’ve noticed more customers are often buying 2, 3 or even 4 items resulting in an increased basket value. More commission for you!”

– Thank you for reminding about Black Friday!

Teachable: “…Happy Thursday! Signups for the November cohort of Teachable’s Launch Accelerator Challenge are now live. As a reminder, we’re also offering three brand new mini courses for anyone who joins Teachable this month and the First-Time Course Creation Bundle – which includes a full course to-do list, a launch-calendar strategy, and a guide on cohort-based and self-paced courses. Launch Accelerator Challenge ​Sign-ups for the November cohort of our Launch Accelerator Challenge are live, and this cohort includes live sessions to help your followers learn how to build a course (and pre-sell it) in 30 days. Best, Crystal at Teachable…”

– Hi, Crystal! Though we are not sure that you are a real person, we appreciate your customers support and update.

International Open Academy: “…Hi there! Ensure you have the tools and expertise to succeed in your career, focus on personal growth, and explore new passions by getting full access to all our courses with one of our subscription plans. Imagine taking any course you want, from Master Herbalist to Accounting and Bookkeeping or Car Maintenance, from a library at your disposal 24/7. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits you get by subscribing to all courses:

– 200 internationally accredited courses, in a library at your disposal 24/7
– Find a new career, hobby, or work on self-development
– Access time and money saving skills that touch every aspect of life
– Build your personal value and ability every day, at your own pace.
See you inside, Emma…”

– Hi, Emma! You can send any materials, which can be placed in public. You can also answer questions from my interview and mention everything you want. We are open to any kind of useful collaboration.

Alison: “…Bad managers are a nightmare, and good managers are the norm. Well, we don’t want you to be the norm, we want you to stand out. Become indispensable at your workplace by becoming a great manager with the courses below. After all, managers can make or break a whole business….”

– Absolutely right, guys!

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