Brands News and Discounts, 15.10.2022

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The Linux Foundation: “…PREVIEW: Don’t miss the Trick XOR Treat specials this month! Check out the details below: STARTING OCTOBER 18, 2022. Promotion Details. Deal: Save 40% on Bootcamps and Bundles! Promo code: BOO22 Begins: 10/18 Ends: 10/25…”

Pluralsight: “…From 10/17 – 10/19, Pluralsight is offering 33% off Annual Standard and Premium subscriptions for a limited time. This is a great time to promote Pluralsight as these promotions do extremely well – increasing both conversions and commissions significantly. Now is a great time to convert all the free users you just brought in during Free Week. Pluralsight’s 33% Off Promo is one of our most popular and highest revenue generating offers…”

Udacity: “…Udacity is gearing up for the BIGGEST sales event OF THE YEAR happening 10/31 – 11/13. If you create 2 of your own posts between 10/31 and 11/13 promoting this event, we will give you an additional $50. That’s a potential $350 bonus for doing what you already do – promoting Udacity!”

Alison: “…The future is uncertain. Which means, the likelihood of us being employed is uncertain too. Our jobs may become redundant. After all, machines and algorithms may become smarter than us. But as humans, we have a secret weapon – we have the ability to learn new skills. You can start by learning these top 12 skills that employers of the future will be looking for…”

Daily High Club: “…Trick or Treat! Halloween is just around the corner. Make sure all your customers have the perfect piece to celebrate spooky season! We have big sales starting next week to help improve conversion rates, bump up AOV, and help you earn the biggest commission checks you have ever seen! Cash in while its hot and take advantage of the commission increase from 10% to 15%!! With the best prices and selection of smoking accessories online, you can’t go wrong with Daily High Club. …”

DataCamp: “…Analyst Takeover – Limited time Sale! Save up to 60% on a whole year of learning with Datacamp. Valid 10/17 – 11/1 DataCamp has partnered with DMi Partners to help grow their affiliate program! You can expect DMi to keep you updated on new products & promotional opportunities as well as bonus incentives for high performing affiliates!”

Binance: “…Trade ETH on Spot with $10 Cash Back Voucher. We’ve just sent you a $10 cash back voucher in your reward center. Now when you trade ETH or other cryptos, you can get $10 trading fee back after redeeming the voucher, claim it in reward centre and start trading ETH and other crypto!”

Teachable: “…Here’s a tip from creator Emily Friend: “I check my email a few times throughout the day because I like to reply to comments and questions on Teachable, my website, YouTube, and Instagram as quickly as possible.”

Liitle Toes: “…We have increased the commission on every sale. Now all affiliate sites can earn 10% commission on every sale. So, join now and earn…”

Blockchain Council: “…How can you join and be a part of this multi-million-dollar industry? By becoming a Certified NFT Expert™ and gaining in-depth knowledge of NFTs and their use-cases…”

Eventtrix: “…A quick ‘heads-up’ to remind you that your welcome offer is still waiting. There’s 24 hours left for you to choose any course for just €19. Whether you want to try out a new business idea, advance your career or explore a new hobby, we would love to help you do it….”

Lora DiCarlo : “…Scary Good Commissions! Earn Up To 20% Commissions All Month Long. …”

ScholarshipOwl (US): “…Sign up for $2,222 No Essay Smart Owl Scholarship! Create an Account and get First 3 Month for $15 – Save $30 on Regular $45 Quarterly Fee. Create an Account and get First Month for $5 – 75% Off!”

PhotoWhoa: “…Become a PhotoWhoa PLUS Member and get amazing perks like 20% off on every purchase you make, 100s of World-class photography resources at great prices, access to exclusive premium products for free, and enjoy extra time to buy awesome deals before they disappear….”

BOTB: “…Say hello to the ABT RS3-R, a limited run of 200 cars that feature the very best of ABT. From upgraded engine to lowered suspension and aggressive carbon body kit – this 500bhp hot hatch is a real stunner and comes with £40,000 cash in the boot!”

Minicoders: “…Minicoders raise the commission rate from $20 to $30 each subscription completed by our publishers. Go ahead dears, get in our profile and take a look to our innovative product. Best Regards…”

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