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More and more people ask – How to join LEEnjoy project? Is it free or paid? What should I do to start?

Now you will get the answers to all questions like these and even more.

1. First of all, you should understand, that LEEnjoy project is a kind of hub. After you get all the details and understand the main principles of work you can follow any algorithm. You can start from free domain blog, then update it to the paid domain/standalone website and then make a full affiliate marketing service or even CPA with your own referral program (paid knowledge base articles, exclusive promo codes etc.). It is not so complicated as you imagine yourself. Or you can even open your own advertising agency offline and make a successful business. Everything depends on you.

2. So, participation itself is free, but there are two mandatory rules. You have to register (register, but not continue using) at one of multi training platforms or single courses at Levelnaut website and complete ONE OF PAID COURSES, which is the most suitable to your future plans. Secondly, you should join LEEnjoy Health Club via registration at Forever platform. You can call it investment into yourself, as you will get serious knowledge, strong health and we will be sure in your serious intentions.

3. Goals. Aims. Targets. Niches. Interests. All these words are connected to your future plans. You should choose preferably one only niche, subject or product and develop it in your own activity. It is very important. You should work with the topic YOU REALLY LIKE. Or in other case, you will lose your motivation one day.

4. Perks. What can you get taking part in LEEnjoy project? If you are an active member and want to get some privileges after finishing a course mentioned above, you can apply via any LEEnjoy group or chat to the admins/moderators (or just via contact form at Levelnaut website) and get free access to the LEEnjoy ZOOM room (up to 100 participants) or become an editor at News2412 website and publish your information, with your links there.

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