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We continue making publications to the topic of leadership. Nowadays it is practically impossible to get leads if you don’t have some suitable skills. And if you don’t have suitable skills – you don’t have leads even if you are a participant of LEENjoy project. If you don’t have leads – you don’t have success at least in online business.

Now we are talking not about creative or lifestyle skills, though they are very important too, but about leadership. It is hard to get skills of a leader at once. but you should at least understand what skills are needed. Let’s apply to GetSmarter online multi training platform and try to get the right answer.

Leadership Lessons: Tips on How to Lead Better

The second part of this blog series revealed how online executive education is one of the most effective tactics for leaders to grow their skill sets, enhance their influence, and embrace the challenges of tomorrow.

This third and final piece offers an opportunity to hear from some GetSmarter past students who have already developed their leadership skills to thrive in an ever-changing workplace. While their backgrounds and roles may vary, each of these professionals is united by a determination to supplement their experience and training with continuous learning and upskilling. The following quote from Sally Duplantier, founder of Zing and a GetSmarter past student, encapsulates this commitment:

“I think all leaders need to be relentlessly curious.”

In this video montage, you’ll gain personal insights into the state of leadership from new and established leaders in business and beyond. Discover how they believe the leadership landscape has changed and how this, in turn, has impacted their strategy as a leader. You’ll hear their tips and tactics for becoming a good people manager, and uncover how they’re able to apply these valuable leadership lessons to their daily lives.

Whether you’re taking the first steps on your leadership journey or you want to update your skills to stay relevant, GetSmarter’s online short courses are tailor-made to help you land an impact and thrive in your career.

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