Amazing Perks for LEEnjoy Project Users

Before joining LEEnjoy project everyone tries to guess what he can get out of participation. We have already mentioned some perks and bonuses at LEEnjoy Project Participation page, but now we will talk about main of them more detailly.

If you want not only to support, but also to join LEEnjoy team and take part in its’ improvement and development, you should complete the following GOOGLE FORM and get any (or all) of these perks.

1. You will be able to have three types of business (two LEEnjoy team businesses and one your Personal) getting support and help of other LEEnjoy project participants. It is very important. It saves time and sometimes money. If you plan to succeed – you cannot ignore such an offer. You will be able to use absolutely the same model as we at Levelnaut but with your own referral links.

2. You will have a possibility to join any of our LEENjoy groups and chats in social networks, share your own links and information and become moderators and administrators in these groups.

3. The most active participants get free access to the LEEnjoy ZOOM room (up to 100 participants) and work directly with their followers, subscribers and leads.

4. Any active member of our community can become an editor at News2412 website and publish your information, with his own links there.

5. Absolutely everyone LEEnjoy team member can get his own page with his links at Levelnaut website, and this page will be included in Meet Learners Online catalog absolutely free.

6. Being a LEEnjoy Project official participant you will be able to tell more about your personal business and add this page to at LEEnjoy Tribute Catalogue.

7. If you are not even an official participant of LEEnjoy project, you will be able to promote your business via Projects News category or via Testiomonials category of menu.

8. Everyone can share his news, ideas and offers at weekly AffiCaffee publications via his own editor’s access or by comments to each publication.

9. Everyone can represent Forever Health products at weekly LEEnjoy Health Club with his own referral links.

10. We have a special LEEnjoy LIKES and SHARING group on Telegram. Your post or publication can get likes via this group. You can also promote everything by means of checked and trusted Promo Tools.

11. Every LEEnjoy project member can recommend CPA networks/CPS and other networks and profitable programs, suitable for our activity.

12. You can take part in or community, making your own offers and sharing your ideas, which could possibly improve the whole project being LEEnjoy Project Coordinators.

13. You can become a coordinator of our community and be the first to take part in new sub-projects, investment programs and be the first to get profit.

14. Participants of LEEnjoy project will be able to publish their own Personal TOPs (non-official) at one of our websites called News2412. The most important detail with this perk is that differently from official TOPs, all the links to courses will be your own. You will get the sample of official links in HTML and just substitute them into your own links, courses and platforms names. It is very easy, but very effective way of promotion.

15. If you are already a member of LEEnjoy community, you have a very big chance to get to LEENjoy Subscribers Book. Though the selection is done randomly, the chance to get one more promotional page is still very high.

16. This perk is about participation in catalogue of LEEnjoy Health Club members, where every member will get his own page at Levelnaut website. On this page will be place any links of participants, referring to the health products business. That means as soon as you become a member of Health Club you will get an offer from Levelnaut administration to place any other referral links on this page. Also, it is possible to add your own PLAYLIST on the special page of our community (after you read the rules of adding).

17. Any participant can offer any suitable project to the category Crypto category and get LEEnjoy Founder to his downline if this project meets the selection criteria.

18. We are constantly improving Traffic Sources as one of the key categories of LEEnjoy project. Of course, we do it by means of efforts of all LEEnjoy community members. The main tools in this case are polls and personal traffic sources lists. It means that any LEEnjoy project participant can represent his own list of Affiliate Marketing Tools, Promo Tools, Traffic Sources and Free or Small Budget Traffic Sources List with the link/reference to his personal page at Levelnaut website. No matter which page it is LEEnjoy Team, Teachers Earn and Get Profit, Meet Learners Online, LEEnjoy Project Coordinators, Tribute catalogue,LEENjoy Subscribers Book or even to his own side page. It is also possible to offer a single website, which meets the criteria of selection.

19. Any participant can offer any suitable project to the category Make Money for Study category and get LEEnjoy Founder to his downline if this project meets the selection criteria. Moreover, anyone will be able to take part in LEEnjoy Puzzlers game too.

20. Any member of our community can offer his chat/group/team link to the list of official LEENjoy groups and chats. The name of this should contain the word “LEEnjoy” and deal according to the LEENjoy Mission.

As you see, all the perks are too sweet to refuse. So, it is high time to read the LEENjoy – Step-by-step Instruction and take more active part in LEEnjoy Project.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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