CPA networks news review, 29.10.2022

Let’s review some CPA networks news, which we have got at LEENjoy during the last week.

Linkconnector: “…We see you’ve applied for several CPC campaigns with LinkConnector. These campaigns require a strict review of every application. We will be glad to help you get approved but need to know how you plan to promote. They do not allow coupon, loyalty or incentive sites and have several other required terms. Please review the attached white paper in regard to these CPC offers. If you would like to proceed, please let me know how you plan to send traffic to these offers for review. Regards, Jordan Lemmond…”

FlexOffers: “…Black Friday is one of the best shopping days of the year, and many people are counting down until they can get their hands on some absolutely special deals. Some wait weeks, even months, to pounce on these offers, but there are other brands who can not take the anticipation much longer and have some amazing prices ready to go. The FlexOffers network compiled a group of these “must-have” deals to conveniently lay out the best discounts on brands that are already set for Black Friday…”

ShareASale: “…We have some exciting news! We have added a new website and set of packages at All of our existing affiliates are good to go right now to start earning commissions of anything on that site as well as our Driving School site, Not only are we adding several high-dollar products, we have also raised our affiliate commission rate from 10% to 15% Big commissions here!”

ClickBank: “…Maybe your name just got lost in the shuffle… Because the Profit Summit was absolutely WILD and honestly kind of a blur… See, we meant to check to see if you were LIVE with us… But between all the money-making GOLD from Chris and the enthusiastic replies in chat, we just couldn’t find you…”

Impact: “… Be the first to know when your brands update their product catalogs. Sometimes it pays to stay on top of the latest updates to your brands’ product catalogs. For instance, a retailer might restock a hot SKU (how are PS5s still this hard to find?), or a card issuer might update an APR and you’ll want to make changes on your site to stay in compliance. These new notifications have been turned on for everyone. To opt out of notifications or adjust your notification settings, visit your Notification Settings…”

Amazon Associates: “…Because two seasons are better than one… we’re embracing fall and the start of the holiday season. That means double your chances to earn! …”

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