Brands News and Discounts, 05.11.2022

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Busuu: “…Learn all year with 50% off.This weekend, we are excited to offer you a huge 50% off our Busuu Premium 12-month plan. That’s a whole year of learning for the cost of 6 months…”

Alison: “…The holiday season is almost here! And that comes with joy, celebration, and a lot of spending.The best way to make sure you always have money in your account for those last-minute presents, is to budget all year long. So, get ready for 2023 by learning to budget and achieve your monetary goals for next year!”

Blockchain Council: “…Do you know the NFT market cap is expected to cross the 231 billion USD mark by 2030?”

Italki: “…5 Super Benefits Of Library Membership for Language Learners. Libraries offer a combination of learning resources and community that can be highly valuable for language learning. Try these suggestions for getting the most out of yours….”

Teachable: “…Enter our community, teachable:hq. Get excited to surround yourself with goal-getters. You’ll find networking opportunities, tips that help you scale, and access to exclusive events. Best part? A small upgrade to the Basic plan gets you access to that and so much more…”

MEL Science: “…An exclusive offer available for affiliates only! It’s 5 boxes free with an annual subscription!
Using promo code 5BOXES customer gets 12 months for the price of 7. Means 5 boxes for free!”

OpenStudy College: “…Cash-in this Black Friday month! History tells us that during Black Friday month, Open Study College’s courses sell like hotcakes. With offers on our extremely popular A Level and Access to HE courses, AND a Black Friday exclusive ‘spin to win’ game on our website, we expect this year to be no different…”

Amphy: “…November Thanksgiving Classes. This year, give thanks by taking a November Thanksgiving class! If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to spend time with your friends or family, these classes are perfect for you. Not only will you learn how to cook some amazing dishes, but you’ll also have a great time bonding with your loved ones….”

DataCamp: “…DataCamp has partnered with DMi Partners to help grow their affiliate program! You can expect DMi to keep you updated on new products and promotional opportunities as well as bonus incentives for high performing affiliates!”

Pluralsight: “…Have you had a chance to get #CloudHappy? If not, go ahead and start digging into your free certification prep on Pluralsight Skills! When it comes to building the mission-critical skills you need to thrive in your cloud career, it’s a gold mine. On top of cert prep, enjoy access to our free library of 50 courses, Skill IQ, Role IQ, and guides…”

ExamEdge: “…As usual, the Exam Edge account in CJ has a full list of links by subject and test so you can personalize what best fits your site, but here are a few popular subjects as well as some excellent homepage links. Use Code SAVE-CJ10 & Save 10% on Test Prep Materials from Exam Edge – Elevate your career now!”

Udacity: “…Can you offer placement opportunities in exchange for a commission increase, course access for review, or paid promotion? please respond to this email, and let’s talk!”

Magoosh: “…Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Get your audience excited for the holidays with Magoosh’s 20% Off Sitewide Sale, starting tomorrow, November 1st and running through November 7th!”

International Open Academy : “…This is your last chance to get up to 95% off ALL our courses and products. Not satisfied with these options? We’re also offering a 10% discount on our subscription plans. Use discount code thisishalloween at checkout to get up to €29 off your subscription purchase….”

Lingualift: “…Do a language exchange. There are many people who may be interested in offering help with your target language in exchange for help with English. If not locally, you can easily find someone online…”

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