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We have started publications about LEENjoy project supporters, contributors, followers and partners. Mind that all of them are invited to LEEnjoy TEAM group on Telegram to take part in discussion about our project development.

Today we want to introduce you an interesting blog which is called Learningprep, and we are glad share some more details about it.

There are the following categories in this blog Online Teaching Degree, Online Nursing School, Online Business School, Online Trade Schools, Online Bible College, Early Childhood Assessments, Early Childhood Learning, Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Resources.

Here is just one small quotation from the article: Online Education

“…Online education refers to various types of educational programs that are offered online. The term ‘online education’ is used to describe various types of educational programs that are provided to people who work and study from home, as well as those who live away from traditional college or university campus. Online education includes both fully virtual courses offered by public post-secondary schools, including massively open online programs.

These types of online educational programs are compared to traditional classes taken on a traditional campus, although there are learning differences between these two types of online education. Most online programs involve some degree of interaction with students as well as with professors; however, some online programs do not allow students to interact with professors….”

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