AFFI CAFFEE, 19.11.2022

Welcome to the next LEENjoy followers meeting at our AFFI CAFFEE. let’s talk and share the news.

Teachable: “…​Promote Teachable’s Black Friday offerings using the email template attached—just copy them and add in your own information and affiliate link…”

– Do you mean this one Teachable’s Black Friday, Crystal?

International Open Academy : “…Hi!Hope you are having a great day!! I wanted to thank you for being part of our International Open Academy affiliate program! Would you like to earn some extra income (30% CPA) by referring to our courses and you don’t know where to start? Here you have our amazing offer Early Sale. Black Friday, last week we gave 500 courses at 88% discount with the code EARLYBLACK; it did great, and we’ve just added another 500 (Deal ID 148102/ Ad ID 1505280). I’m sure your audience will be happy to get this deal. Please feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear from you! Best, Riccardo…”

– We have added everything at Coupons today, Riccardo.

Brand: “…Hello! This is Dora from Carol & Esthetician, thanks for bringing traffic to Carol & Esthetician. The Massage Table Sale (US only) in our store is in full swing. The form of this activity is that there is an 8% OFF on the purchase of Massage Table & Spa Machine together. This is the page available for promotion…”

– Hi, Dora! Nice to meet you. Sorry we haven’t done it at Coupons, so we will do it now) Probably, this is one you have mentioned Adjustable Massage Bed 2 Sections Folding Massage Couch Portable Spa Table (Save $15 your first purchase Sign up and get $15 off without limit, not reusable. CODE: CE15)

Master & Dynamic: “…Hi! Please see below the details of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, as well as links and images below. Kindly note there is an embargo of Nov 18 for Black Friday, and Nov 27 for Cyber Monday. Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional imagery…”

– Christopher, we have added it to Coupons today, thank you!

TutorialsPoint: “…Hello! I hope you are doing well! I am reaching out on behalf of Tutorials Point who would love to share more about the brand. Specifically, their products and details on bestselling courses, Ebooks, Commission structure, offers and future partnership plans. Join us on November 22 at 6pm IST for a 30-minute webinar, registration link in the attached. We hope you will join us! Thank you Lisa Ouroumis Account Manager, Client Services…”

– Hi, Lisa! Nice to meet you! Thank you for information, we have shared it with our readers.

Jase Medical: “…Hi! We hope you’re excited as we are about our newest campaign! This time of year is the perfect time to share things we love with our friends and family. By joining this campaign you will be able to share the discount code for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. This is our largest discount we offer all year, so stock up with those you care about! Marquelle Christensen”

– Hi, Marquelle! We have placed Jase medical link to our Health Care Products category.

Brand: “…Hi Levelnaut! I am reaching out on behalf of our client, Canva, an online visual communications and collaboration platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design and has over 90 million users and growing every day. We are currently expanding our affiliate program and think you would be a great fit! We would love to learn ways we can partner together. We offer the following benefits to our partners:

-80% of the first and second month of membership and 15% annual membership commission rates
-30 days conversion tracking window
Sharing with you some success stories of Canva affiliates:
The top 250 Canva affiliates average US $10,000 per month in commissions.
Publisher X earned more than US $2,000 in their second month as a Canva affiliate.
Blogger Y earned more than US $20,000 in their first year as a Canva affiliate.
I’m happy to point you in the right direction if interested. Here is the link to view the contract terms and apply to the program. Please let us know if you’d like more information.
We hope to hear from you soon!
Best, Canva’s NA Affiliate Team…”

– Hi, Canva’s NA Affiliate Team! Thank you, sure we will collaborate! Here is the first publication about Canva project.

Eventtrix: “…Well, this is a little awkward. We haven’t seen you around in a while, and are getting the feeling you might not be excited about Eventtrix anymore… Here at EventTrix, we want to respect your inbox and only send emails that you want to receive. If you’re not receiving the content you expected, or we’ve been coming on a little strong, feel free to unsubscribe with the link below. So, because we’d love for you to continue your journey with us, we’re giving you a mighty discount, you can choose any course for just €9. Cristina from Eventtrix”

– Hi, Cristina! Don’t worry, please. We have a strong partnership via Impact. It was just a personal account in order to check how to things work. It also would be interesting to our readers 😉

Fußmatten-Welt: “…Dear Levelnaut! We are very pleased that you accepted our invite. We enabled Retargeting and the Awin Mastertag. Additionally, you can find our animated banners and our product csv in our Advertising Materials. To good business. Your Andy Knoblauch, Fußmatten…”

– Hi, Andy! Thank you! We have added Fußmatten to our Shopping category. We hope our readers will like your platform.

Hi, mchapeyama! Thank you for your comment to this post post You are absolutely right “Great. Meditation sounds great. And muscle relaxation should work too.” )))) By the way, the most interesting comments and questions in our LEENjoy groups and chats will be published at AffiCaffee too 😉

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