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Today we want to introduce you an interesting blog which is called Together We Learn More, and we are glad share some more details about it. this blog not only motivates for language learning, but also motivates LEENjoy project participants to succeed.

There are the following recent posts in this blog:
– Learn Spanish: 9 Best Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss
– What Does Language Learning Means to Learners?
– What Does Language Learning Mean to Learners?

Here is just one small quotation from the article: “…Who am I without language learning? A question that pops into my head after watching one of Lindie Botes’s YouTube videos. I’ve been exposed to foreign languages since I was a teenager so that thought never crosses my mind. I think I’d be an empty person with no direction.

English was my first foreign language. Had I stopped learning it once my life as a student is over, I wouldn’t be talking to natives of other languages discussing so many things, exchanging thoughts, having some serious talks, etc.

Learning English has served as a bridge for me to communicate with other learners. Spanish is my third. I dream of a day where I can completely speak in Spanish with people about whatever topic excites me. That’d be freaking awesome…”

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