How To Decorate Birthday Cupcakes Course

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If you want to make cakes professionally, you can go of course to Way Cake Tutorials or to lifestyle courses at Levelnaut website and choose any bakery/culinary courses there. But if you want to just to make anything for fun and get an everyday skill of decorating cupcakes, you should go to Udemy multi training platform and choose the course called – How to Decorate Birthday Cupcakes there.

Moreover, if you can choose even some special courses like The Basics of Vegan Cupcakes or Easy Gluten Free & Keto Baking by Good Dee’s and have fun too.

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How To Decorate Birthday Cupcakes

Your Step by Step Guide to Decorating Birthday Cupcakes

What you’ll learn:

– How To Decorate Birthday Cupcakes
– How To Make Birthday Cupcakes
– Birthday Cupcake Tips
– Birthday Cupcake Lessons


No experience necessary – All levels welcome – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced


If you want to learn how to decorate birthday cupcakes, then get “How To Decorate Birthday Cupcakes” by someone who has real life experience in decorating cupcakes for birthdays.

Are you a busy mom or simply a thoughtful friend who wants to give something practical but special to people who are celebrating their birthdays? Do you gaze in wonder at the pretty cupcakes displayed at the bakeshop window and wonder how those were made? Do you want to be able to make those on your own but think that you have very little baking ability or that you’re not that artistic? Fret no more! This guide can definitely help you bake and decorate cupcakes that you can serve to your guests during your five-year-old’s birthday party or give as a gift at your best friend’s 30th birthday celebration.

– Learn some basic cupcake recipes (if you don’t have one of your own)

– Learn how to use ordinary stickers or decorative paper in adorning cupcakes

– Learn how to make buttercream frosting and use them together with sprinkles or edible confetti in decorating cupcakes

– Learn how to make fondant and assemble fondant characters to sit on top of your delicious cupcakes

– Learn how to come up with a specially home-baked present for family and friends that will bring sheer delight to the recipient and his guests

– Use what you’ve learned to start your own home-based cupcake business!

What else are you waiting for? Grab this guide now and start making cupcakes for your family and friends during their birthdays or start your own cupcake business!

About the Expert

Khyria Cepe used to think that baking was hard, but upon the prodding of one of her close friends who later became her business partner in their cupcake business, she tried to learn how to bake. She bought cookbooks and tried to follow them and was dismayed at her initial failures. However, the number of flopped recipes did not decrease her drive but instead fueled her determination to learn the art of baking. After several soggy cupcakes, with the inspiration of the popular TV shows Ace of Cakes and DC Cupcakes, she began to increase her baking skills until she eventually had the courage to start her cupcake store Sugar and Spice (and everything nice) in her hometown in the Philippines.

She enjoys baking because it is a practical craft to learn, and it allows her to exercise her creativity and stretch the limits of her imagination.

Who this course is for:

– Cupcake Enthusiasts

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