AFFI CAFFEE, 26.11.2022

Welcome to the next LEENjoy followers meeting at our AFFI CAFFEE. let’s talk and share the news.

EssayEdge: “…My name is Kate. I am the Partnership Manager for EssayEdge. As we are approaching the holiday season, we are delighted to offer your audience a Black Friday discount-15% OFF all editing services at EssayEdge.
Make sure your customers get to use this holiday coupon code. You can begin to promote the New black Friday Coupon today by launching an email campaign for your audience with the promocode FRIDAYSALE2022. We already have a ready-to-go email. We can provide you with this template or you can proceed with your own one. From NOW till 30th of November your customers/followers can use the coupon code FRIDAYSALE2022 at checkout and SAVE 15% on any Editing Package Purchased.
Contact us if you need assistance with anything! If you need a new EssayEdge banner for the holiday or you have other creative ideas on how to promote our service – we will be happy to help!”

– Hi, Kate! Nice to meet you. We have already been sharing actively EssayEdge coupons and links. Thank you for the information!

MoreNiche: “…Here at MoreNiche, we’re keen to build strong relationships between our affiliates and mentors and encourage you to do the same. That’s why we created our closed Facebook group to allow affiliates and mentors to collaborate, share ideas, ask questions and feel like a part of a bigger community. We would love for you to join our Affiliate Lounge and become a part of the MoreNiche community. You’ll find a range of great content in the group, from monthly webinars to case studies, latest updates on Google algorithms, new product launches and everything in between! …”

– Very good partner approach, Andrew! Thank you for your help, guide and support!

Canva: “…Hi there, I am reaching out on behalf of our client, Canva, an online visual communications and collaboration platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design and has over 90 million users and growing every day. We are currently expanding our affiliate program and think you would be a great fit! We would love to learn ways we can partner together. We offer the following benefits to our partners: 80% of the first and second month of membership and 15% annual membership commission rates
30 days conversion tracking window…”

– Hi, Canva! Thanks a lot!

The Michael Blank Brands: “…Hello and Thanks for showing interest in our program. My name is James Ellis and I will be handling your account once you are approved. But, before I can get you approved we will need to jump on a quick call to discuss how you would like to push traffic to our offer…”

– Hi, James! Nice to meet you. We can add your project to business courses category or to other business links, as you like.

Hi, Rita Paola Chavarria Mejía! Thank you for your comment to this post Fue asombroso uy genial
– ¡Nos alegra que te haya gustado! Bienvenido al equipo!

Hi, Robert Amato! Thank you for your comment to this post I used to kneed my own dough

– Robert Amato Could you share the recipe with our readers?

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