5 Tips to Those Who Have Lost Their Life Power

Actually, I seldom write posts from my own. I used to write “we” as I represent a kind of media on internet and very often the common opinion of my team, my like-minded people. But today I will make an exception, because everything I will write now is based only on my own life experience. That is why, I recommend not to be extremely critical, but just accept or not my recommendations. I address this post to all my followers, readers and subscribers on internet.

Urgent Help – “A Pillow Corner”

Everything may happen in life. Sometimes there will be no person even to help you. If you think that it is “the end of the mission” don’t struggle. In this case Hight Power will decide to help you or not. If you want to survive, to continue your mission on this planet no matter how much time – go to bed (if you have one, or something like that if you don’t have any) and do the following. Lie down on the bed and bite the corner of the pillow and do not unclench your teeth as much as you can. Put a clock nearby or just count. First count the time in seconds, then in minutes, then in hours, then in days, if necessary. Do this until you feel that the vital energy has begun to return, even in small quantities.

Fool Yourself – “Switching Off Mind”

Usually, recovering process starts from recovering physical state. We should eat something to get calories, we should move, we should do other simple things, but we cannot or don’t want to. So, in this case try to fool yourself. Put on sport shoes and go about your living in them – go to toilet or to the kitchen to drink some water and the suddenly go out of the flat and make a few steps. When you (or your mind) will understand that you are already out, try to concentrate on a small walk – 1, 2 or 5 kilometers.

Why all this? – “A Temporary Mission”

When people ask questions like “Why all this?” meaning their life, they immediately start losing their life power. The best answer to this question is a clear realization that we are all on Earth with only a temporary mission. Which one? It is another question, and you should make some additional self-research to understand it better. But concentration on mission helps not to lose life power.

Pluses and Minuses – Two Sides Board

When we need to take any decision, but cannot do it, we usually get some advice to “count all pluses and minuses”. So, make such a board or just a piece of paper. Divide it into two parts – pluses and minuses and then… cross the “minuses” part at all. Later you will understand why. In the right part mention positive items of your life, state, experience or anything else.

Actually, I didn’t plan to share with you my own version, but then I decided to do it as these tips may seem not honest. So, here is my “pluses” part. “Family. I am married, I have very good family, a perfect wife and three smart children. State. I am physically all right and still having some life power, although the doctors are always trying to put me on their conveyor and not let me complete my mission to the end)) Experience. I was twice in the army – once in Ukraine, the second time in Germany and once in prison (for a crime against the state). I speak 7 languages and teach one of them. I played piano, guitar and did some kind of stand-up (performing on stage with many stars and even with the current president of Ukraine). I was a principal of small school in Yakutia (Siberia, where the temperature was -50) and worked in Ukrainian schools (and even several times got on the city Honor Board for my work). In Israel I issued my first disc of songs, my first textbook in English anв created my first business. Internet. I have been since 2003 on internet. First success in networking was in 2004, when my group (about 100K users) got in ICQ top. Then there were many projects, but only a few of them are still working.” That is all in short. But that is enough for the next item of the tips list.

Hire Yourself for Your Mission Realization

In order not to lose power but only get it, I recommend uniting two main things – what you can do professionally and what you like to do. Sometimes it is very hard to define the mission itself, but the answer to these questions and suitable combination of them will help. In my case, these two answers are – training and networking. That is exactly what I do in my online and offline life in order not to lose life power. That is what LEEnjoy and Levelnaut projects about.

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