Nothing is Promoted on Internet Free at Once

“What a stupid title of the post!” – someone can say after reading it. “I personally, publish my posts and pictures and immediately get feedback.”

Is such a situation familiar to you, dear LEEnjoy followers? Of course, it is, because you always thing this way yourselves too. But the matter is, the things are absolutely different.

All big social networks, search engines, subscription programs etc., where you where you want to share your information first of all are interested in their own profit, in new users of their service and in new paid clients. They are absolutely not interested in publishing your “hot” information and posts with “hidden promotion” free.

That is why, you really can get a kind of feedback from your publications, but mostly it will be the feedback from your close friends, constant readers and people, who always carefully follow your information, which is interesting to them.

of course, there is a chance, that your publication will be very slowly and very gradually spread, but only really “hot” and in case it can attract attention of new potential users of media monsters.

Even services of subscription, which in theory should help you with your blog development, even they “feed” subscribers by posts that had been published a month or two ago.

“OK”, you can say, “but is it possible to accelerate anyway the information spreading?” Sure, it is. But in this case, you should pay. As a rule, all media monsters have various paid, promotional, advertising, boosting services. You pay – they boost and increase (depending on the sum you have paid) the auditory.

All that was explained to you not because the reason for disappointment, but in order you understand the situation the right way and not to wait fast reaction from your “hot” publications

Moreover, paying to Facebook or to Google, you absolutely don’t get a guarantee for success. But that is quite another story. That is why, we recommend making your own list of best promo tools and traffic sources, creating loyal to your project community and other useful steps, which we use in our model of work. By the way, soon we will publish the second part of it.

We wish you good luck and positive mood in any case!

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