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As we have learnt browsing this page, LiviusJr | Affiliate Marketing is on Twitter because, as he says: “…I use Twitter |To build an audience to | Teach, inspire and entertain | receive income by selling courses that can benefit you…”

His personal blog is called Twitter Gumroad Affiliate Marketing

A few more words about his blog as we at Levelnaut website promote Online Education and Marketing too.

So, he writes the following: “…Monetize your twitter page. Being able to make extra money is one of the most important aspects in your life. I have been searching for ways to make extra source of income till I found Gumroad Affiliate Marketing. I haven’t regret joining it since because I know it will help me and others secure financial safety as well as broaden financial skills. I have managed to get an alternative online payment solution that will allow those that live in countries that PayPal do not support link their accounts to it to secure their funds to their bank accounts so that they don’t feel left out. A major opportunity for all to make their a difference in their life with this course. Money is everywhere and it’s only means that you get up and find a way to secure it. Have fun making money…”

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