AFFI CAFFEE, 10.12.2022

Welcome to the next LEENjoy followers meeting at our AFFI CAFFEE. let’s talk and share the news.

Impact: “…Hey! Thanks for reaching out! My name is Beth and I will be helping you with ​your Brand, Virtuoso, question today. It appears that the Brand, Virtuoso, is no longer with, which is why you cannot see them within the “My Brands” section of your account. However, I am still seeing an active contract with this Brand on your account.
​So I am going to loop in our Tech Team to help with this discrepancy,and stay tuned for an update on that as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding the above, and we’re happy to help 🙂 Have a great day, ​Beth…”

– Thank you, Beth. It is really strange situation. We have to many Virtuoso links in our promotion program. Probably it is just a misunderstanding. Anyway, we will wait for information from you. Have a good day!

Brand: “…Hi! My name is Laura Johnson, I’m a Research Manager here at and I wanted to reach out about your post on your website – I found it to be really helpful! After reading through your site and seeing the topics you cover, I thought I’d connect with you and share our recently published resource on web hosting, as it might be something your readers would find useful. As you know, selecting a reliable and high-performing web hosting service is a crucial part of any successful website; neglecting to choose the right host can have disastrous effects on one’s website—and ultimately, their business.
At, our team of experts has spent thousands of hours testing and utilizing all the tools available on the market in order to create and maintain our website. We took the best of what we learned and created these guides that breaks down web hosting so that anyone can easily understand how it works and find the one that best suits their needs. You can learn more about it here…”

– Hi, Laura! We have got links to your articles. Actually, we publish “from the side” articles at least for 30$ (max.lenght, 2-2,5K letters), so we can publish free only our own articles. But we will keep in mind, that we can use your information in our publications.

Hello! As you continue to curate holiday focused content, wanted to send along a story idea focused on how to make your travel more comfortable. Holiday travel can become uncomfortable after spending long hours sitting on a plane or in a car. Cabeau features portable, easy-to-use neck pillows, a heating pad and a back support to make travel more comfortable. We’re happy to help in anyway for your content needs. Your Shop Cabeau Link: Shop Cabeau … Thanks for considering, keep me posted if you have any questions! Sarah Karger”

– Thank you, Sarah! As you see, we have published the link 😉

Hi, Ella! Thank you for your comment to this post “…Yes, you are right That’s the gospel true. Thank you very much sir

– Yes, unfortunately, it is true. But we are a community. So, together it is much easier to find the right solution.

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