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Today we will not go to all multi training platforms, but will visit the most popular Coursera

New and Noteworthy Courses for Your Employees: December 2022

With more world-class content launching on Coursera every week, there are always new opportunities for your employees to master high-impact skills and drive business growth as they advance their careers.

These latest courses cover the skills your employees need to meet the demands of your organizations’ digital transformation goals. By adding these courses to your program home, you can continue to promote learning transformation and enable valuable skill development for your employees.

New and Noteworthy Courses from University and Industry Partners:

INSEAD | Web3 and Blockchain Transformations in Global Supply Chains

For the first time in human history, individuals and organizations can manage and trade their assets digitally peer to peer. These assets can be digital like money, identity, and private information; or they can be physical assets represented by digital tokens.

Johns Hopkins University | The Creative Leader

This is one course in the Coursera specialization, Leadership: An Introduction. It examines current trends in leadership theory invoking several disciplines, including business, sociology, philosophy, history, and psychology.

University of London | Consumption, Marketing and Culture

What does it mean to be a consumer in a consumer society? In this MOOC we think about marketing in terms of what marketing does rather than how we do it.

Codio | Cloud Computing Primer: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Explore cloud computing basics without installing anything! This course is designed for semi-technical and business learners, providing a solid foundation of cloud computing basics.

AWS | Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS

In this course, we start with some services where the training model and raw inference is handled for you by Amazon.

Google Cloud | Exploring NCAA Data with BigQuery

Use BigQuery to explore the NCAA dataset of basketball games, teams, and players. The data covers plays from 2009 and scores from 1996.

University of Colorado, Boulder | R Programming and Tidyverse Capstone Project

In this third and final course of the “Expressway to Data Science: R Programming and Tidyverse” specialization you will reinforce and display your R and tidyverse skills by completing an analysis of COVID-19 data!

IBM | Linux on LinuxONE

This course is for Linux Systems Administrators, Architects and Developers who are already familiar with Linux components and everyday tasks but need a primer on how to best take advantage of the LinuxONE platform.

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