What to Choose – Paid or Free Promotion?

It seems, that the answer to this question is obvious and everyone should choose first of all free promotion, and then paid. But it is not so easy as you think.

Where are your blogs, guys?

You know, of course that we at LEENjoy have a special page, which is called LEEnjoy Team and where we publish information about our project participants and supporters.

Currently there are not so many items in the social media pages and blogs, though there are thousands of people and websites, which support LEEnjoy and even take an active part in its work.

If you open any page at Levelnaut website and press any picture at Our Community widget, you will find, that according to Gravatar almost everyone has a blog or website. But in reality, most websites and blogs already don’t exist. The question is – why?

The answer is very simple – most of the blogs were promoted not the right way, though their ideas were sometimes very creative and interesting. Internet users couldn’t even get to know about these ideas and projects. Most website owners tried to promote their projects but using only free ways of attracting visitors the spent great amount of time and efforts.

The right way of promotion

The matter is – many kinds of promo tools which we use at LEEnjoy have free and upgraded (paid) versions, which significantly save time. The prices are noy so high, we are talking about 20-50 dollars per month. It is not obligatorily even to take any sums from family budget, you can earn this money or crypto yourself for the first start. Moreover, you can use buy me a cup of coffee way to get some small sums. But of, course, don’t buy coffeу and spent donations to promotion 😉

Then you can use other traffic sources, affiliate marketing tools and useful programs. But only when you get feedback from visitors, when they prove that your project or idea is really interesting and when you have accumulated useful content at your blog or website.

Start the right way!

There is absolutely no need to finish any marketing courses, SEO or networking courses to understand this simple thing. Later you will do it for sure, but not now. Start the right way!

In order not to lose your valuable ideas and to be disappointed, try to do everything the right way and choose the better variant which will save your time.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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