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Today we want to introduce you one more LEENjoy project supporter, an interesting blog which is called Money Earns, and we are glad share some more details about it.

There are the following categories in this blog HOME, HOW TO, FEATURED, EARN ONLINE, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

Here is just one small quotation from the article: “…The world is divided into 2. There is the rich and the poor. The rich are those who have cash work for them. The poor are those who work for money.

The picture of the poor in the eyes of many is the beggar by the street who can’t pay for anything. But that is the extreme case of poverty. If you trade your time for money in the quote to pay for the good things of life, you are not among the wealthy.

The middle-class is a classification developed to relieve poor hardworking people. It is possible to join the rich from being in the middle-class. But it is quite uncommon…”

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