The Way We Help to Develop Our LEEnjoy Business

Now you will understand how we develop and protect our LEENjoy Project business, how we avoid risks and use the rule of diversification. This article will be added to the explanation of The Model of Making Money and with LEEnjoy.

As it was already underlined many times, at the current stage we don’t have any joining fees or any investment programs. Anyone can become a member of big and friendly community just following the rules of Participation and maybe in future we will work out some new profitable sub-projects (real-estate, crypto etc.) but currently not.

So, you can ask what is the use of LEEnjoy community and how does it help in developing of my own business? As it was said many times and described in the LEENjoy Mission, we want our members to be healthy and educated. Because if you don’t have good Health and proper Knowledge, you cannot succeed in business and life. Speaking business language, we have two ways of diversification – Knowledge (reselling of courses and everything connected to the topic) and Health (reselling Forever healthy products). We develop these two business directions by means of all our community power. That is why it is easy and profitable.

This model of “two protecting wings” also helps to develop our own business whichever it could be: blogging, crypto, health, real estate or anything else online or offline. Very soon will be made infographics to all the nuances of LEEnjoy Model and you will understand it more properly.

Everyday people share plenty ideas with us about improving the model, adding perks or exchanging information. Almost every day we get dozens of offers about partnership and cooperation. It is very encouraging, and we appreciate it very much. But as you remember, we don’t have any administrative or executive body as we don’t need it. But we have already the system of LEEnjoy Project Coordinators and successfully deal by it.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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