First Ask Where Is the Money From?

We have already talked about LEEnjoy project model. It is very important to understand clearly what the business is about. Why? Because too many people have already lost their money on internet, dreaming about “becoming rich and successful”, “getting stable passive income” and so on.

Money cannot appear from anywhere. That is why you should first of all ask yourself and especially the person invited you to the project: “Where Is the Money From?” If you don’t get the honest and understandable answer, that means you are at the dangerous place and the risk to lose all your investment very high. Saying “investment” we mind not money only but also time, good relations with people you plan to invite etc.

Now, let’s answer this question “Where Is the Money From?” with regard to LEEnjoy. We have already talked many times about The Model of Making Money and with LEEnjoy and have got the idea about it.

Two types of LEEnjoy team business

We have two types of LEEnjoy team business which are a kind of protection to your personal project/business/activity.

First one is Reselling or Affiliate Marketing. In this business we get our money for good recommendations. No matter which spheres it is – reselling products, service or anything else. We deal usually with trusted CPA networks, so there is practically no risk.

Second is Recommendation of Forever Living Products, as it is important for our LEEnjoy project members to be healthy and educated. The price of the products may seem a little bit high, but this margin is the payment for the efforts of people, who educate you and help to make this price much lower. Again, this business exists many years, the products are actual and of good quality, so there is practically no risk, especially for a team business.

Your Personal Business

All that we do by means of our own blogs, websites and social media. These two types of business are a kind of protection to the third one – to your personal business, which you like most of all and want to develop, but it is not too strong yet. You perfectly well understand that it will take much time make your personal business high profitable and rely on the LEEnjoy teamwork.

Working in team you exchange very useful and helpful information about promo tools, traffic sources, affiliate marketing tools, useful programs and so on. It saves your time (which is also money) significantly.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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