New Year Resolution: To Be Healthier and Happier

If you still are thinking over New Year Resolutions, you can follow LEENjoyProject participants and choose those mentioned in the title. We don’t insist, of course, but if you read some materials about our community at the Levelnaut website, you will understand and agree with that.

On the other hand, if you just use information we share and don’t join, we have something useful for you too. Today we want to introduce one very interesting course offered by Skillshare multi training platform, which is called Brand Resolutions: Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier Brand

Brand Resolutions: Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier Brand

Meet your Teacher Faye Brown (Skillshare Top Teacher)


Hello, nice to meet you!

Hey, Everyone! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I’m a designer and animator living in the English countryside with my young family. After completing a Graphic Design degree in Bournemouth, I started my career working in London in motion graphics designing and art directing title sequences for TV and film. 10 years later I decided it was time to go freelance, shortly before we started our family.

These days I work on a variety of projects focusing on my passions of typography and branding. Following the success of my first Skillshare class – The Art of Typography I’ve created a range of classes all aimed to help you guys in different areas of design, typography, branding, creativity, photography and freelancing. I love teaching online and interacting with all my students.

Outside of work related fun (and I do love my job!) I enjoy days out with my family, travelling and sports.

Please join my Skillshare Tribe Facebook page to keep in touch.

About This Class


Start the new year off with showing your business and brand some well deserved attention, and set your brand some new year resolutions.

All successful businesses carry out regular brand audits, where they analyse and review their brand offering. We will work through some simple steps reviewing each area of your brand before setting some achievable realistic goals for the upcoming year. From looking into your target market, your brand messaging, your pricing and sales, your marketing and offering – by the end of this class you will have clear steps to take to improve each element of your business and reach your ultimate goals.

There will be a couple of other fun exercises along the way to keep your business ideas fresh and your brain sane.

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About My Students

Without a doubt, the best thing about teaching online is seeing what you amazing creative lot come up with and how you interpret the projects set within the classes. A lot of my classes are very practical and help you with certain elements of running your own business, others focus more on the creative side and opening up to new ways of thinking. You might find different classes will suit you at different times.

I aim to comment on each and everyone of your projects in my classes – if I miss you, then shout up and let me know!

I’m constantly amazed at your projects and your creative minds… Take a look at some of these awesome monsters created by Kris Black in her project for my Unlock Your Creativity class.

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