LEEnjoy and Levelnaut Resolutions for 2023 Year

Tomorrow we will congratulate all LEENjoy and Levelnaut project participant with the New 2023 year, but today it is the right time for making resolutions for 2023 year. You can also consider it as a kind of Roadmap.

So, what do LEEnjoy Team is planning for the next year? You are welcome to read:

1. We plan to increase number of unique visitors of Levelnaut website from 10.000 (current number) to 20.000.

2. The common number of Levelnaut website should raise from 1,929,861 (current number) to at least 5,000,000.

3. The number of courses in each category we plan to raise to 100 in order our users could have the better choice.

4. We will increase the number of perks for LEEnjoy participants from 10 (currently) to 20 (at least).

5. We will add at least 100 new sub-categories of online courses and make thу complete catalogue of LEEnjoy Health Club products.

6. We plan to transfer news categories from weekly to daily publications.

7. We will increase the number of Levelnaut website subscribers from 442 (currently) to 4000 (at least).

8. We will increase the number of likes and subscribers at our LEEnjoy facebook Page from 6.6K (likes) and 8.5K (followers) to at least 50.000 (in both categories).

9. We plan to divide all LEEnjoy project catalogues, such as LEEnjoy Team, Meet Learners Online, Teachers Earn and Get Profit, Tribute Catalogue from “lists of names” to “alphabetical pages” (eg. all users which surnames start with A, B, C etc.).

10. We will add to each category of products and services (beside online education) and reach the number of 50 in each one.

11. To increase the number of official LEENjoy groups and chats from 48 to 100 (at least) in all popular networks.

12. To multiple the number of trusted promo tools, affiliate marketing tools and traffic sources at least three times.

This is not the final list of resolutions, as we have been still thinking over about adding some new items.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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