TOPs of the Best Courses from All Platforms

We continue publishing news and innovations 2023 of LEENjoy project. Frankly, there are too many of them and probably all January, we will publish them only. All these news is very interesting and very profitable not only for participants, but for all readers, subscribers and followers. We recommend reading them attentively as there will be many new perks too.

Today we will share with you one exclusive information about TOPs of the Best Courses from All Platforms.

What does it mean?

As you know, we carefully collect and update information about online courses from more than 100 the best multi training platforms of the world. We divide them into categories, subcategories, selections, lists and so on. We share with you the most interesting and the most useful tips from their blogs and newsletters. But starting from today we will also regularly publish official TOPs of the best courses from all these platforms, in order you could choose the best. Today we will publish the current TOP of the courses from Coursera and you will see how helpful it is.

What else about it?

If you follow and analyze all these TOPs selections, you will be able to understand much more nuances. For example, you will see which courses and why are in trend, which professions and specializations are popular, what hobbies, lifestyle and creative courses are created recently and so on.

What about perks?

Yes, one more perk will be added today to the LEEnjoy Perks list. Starting from today participants of LEEnjoy project will be able to publish their own Personal TOPs (non-official) at one of our websites called News2412, which soon will be very popular too. We will explain the reasons for it very soon. But the most important detail with this perk is that all the links to courses will be your own. You will get the sample of official links in HTML and just substitute them into your own links, courses and platforms names. It is very easy, but very effective way of promotion.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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