Some Useful Changes at LEEnjoy Networking Sphere

First of all, let’s remind the LEEnjoy resolutions 2023 and then talk about changes in LEEnjoy Networking Sphere in the form of questions-answers.

  • What about resolutions referring to LEEnjoy networking?

Resolution number 11 says: “To increase the number of official LEENjoy groups and chats from 48 to 100 (at least) in all popular networks…” Probably you have already known that we are very careful in our promises, but we are very strict in their realization. So, we will not change the numbers and figures, but can already clearly see, that the number of groups and chats will be at least twice more. And very soon, you will understand it.

  • Why all the posts and news are published at Levelnaut from the name of one person only

It is made for security reasons only. You know, we have a very good LEEnjoy Project Team, but we hate accepted in the current world the “system of administration and protection”, so we consider, that the net of coordinators is absolutely enough for our project, at least at the actual stage. Moreover at LEEnjoy everyone decides himself to Work with LEEnjoy – Solo or In Team (no matter which team – his own or the common project team).

  • What changes are you talking about?

There are a few of them.

First. Until this moment anyone could share information in our groups and chats and there were a lot of people who spammed and behaved impudently, but we closed our eyes. Since today only moderators (participants of LEEnjoy project will be moderators in our groups with common number more than 100K users and other LEEnjoy community members will share their information via them only.

Second. There will be not only “LEEnjoy” groups in social networks, but two more types “Online Learning” and “Turbo Promotion”, where we will exchange useful and profitable information.

Third. Coordinators will be able to add their own groups to the official list of LEENjoy groups and chats and invite newcomers to their own teams of our project.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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