How to Get to LEEnjoy Subscribers Book

Do you remember about our Resolutions for 2023 Year, dear readers? Probably you do, because there was mentioned the list of Perks and these perks are very hard to refuse from.

So, in this Resolution List we promised to increase this year the number of perks from 10 to 20 and 15 of them we already have shared with you. Frankly, we have the complete list, but some of ideas should we worked our more properly.

  • What perks you are talking about?

Today we have added the 15th perk, which look this way: “15. If you are already a member of LEEnjoy community, you have a very big chance to get to LEENjoy Subscribers Book. Though the selection is done randomly, the chance to get one more promotional page is still very high…” In other words, Subscribers Book is one more powerful tool of your promotion and using all perks you just get a mighty machine for your personal brand development.

  • How to Get to LEEnjoy Subscribers Book?

As it was mentioned above, the selections happen in a random way, but only if you subscribed to Levelnaut website via e-mail option (right side of the home page). Those readers, who subscribed (preesing “Follow” button) at WordPress Reader or any other ways have another variant to be promoted and mentioned in LEEnjoy Team Supporters list. Currently we have 446 subscribers, which regularly get newsletters with all our publication, but again, in our resolution list we speak about at least 4000.

  • Is it possible to make things easier and the procedure faster?

Yes, it is. We cannot promote readers, users, supporters and followers, which don’t have a Human Pictures in the social network or have an absolutely empty “About” in the social network (if we are speaking about people). Also, it is very hard to promote a blog, where is presented only one page. So, if you want to get an effective brand promotion thing about your personal pages, blogs and Gravatar pages in advance. Place there as much promo information as it is possible.

  • Is there anything else about the rules of adding Subscribers Book
  • That’s all. If you want to delete your information from any catalogue, list or selection at the Levelnaut website, just write us about it via Contact form. If you have unsubscribed from the website, your information will be deleted.

    If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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