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Mai Hùng Quân

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He lives in Vung Tau (Vietnam). Studied Cơ khí động lực at Hanoi University of Technology

A few more words about Hanoi University of Technology as one of the main topics of Levelnaut website is Online Education and Health.

“…Since establishment of university, HUST (Hanoi University of Technology) has been committed to research, knowledge development and intellectual training for the society. The university gains the reputation of being the first and the leading technical university in Vietnam thanks to generations of influential alumni.

With our great traditions and values, HUST maintains the teaching and learning quality while embracing innovative changes to meet the needs of students and society, especially in the era of digital economy and globalization.

The development strategies for the period of 2017 – 2025 have been implemented effectively for 3 years and strategic plans have been recognized for the period of 2020 – 2025.

HUST has earned a reputation for an influential university in the region and the world thanks to high-quality and well-trained lecturers, modern facilities, and research achievements.

HUST is also known as the most attractive destination for talented students in science, engineering, and technology. As a higher education institution, HUST was accredited in 2017 by HCERES. In 2020, HUST was in the top of best universities in Asia according to Times Higher Education.

For QS WUR by Subject 2020, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Mechanical, Aeronautical Engineering & Manufacturing are in the ranks of 351-400; Computer Science & Information System, and Mathematics are from 451 to 500. HUST continues to affirm its pioneering position in Vietnam.

While the Fourth Industrial Revolution opens up great opportunities, it also brings about unpredictable challenges. HUST continues its noble mission to research, knowledge development and intellectual training for the society.

With a strong commitment, HUST maintains innovations for becoming the leading regional research university in engineering, science and technology and a model of comprehensive autonomous university with sustainable development, making significant contribution to the society and Vietnam higher education.

An attractive campus and a professional working environment make HUST a trustworthy home with respect, solidarity, dedication for students, staff, and lecturers to together bring about innovation, breakthroughs, and success…”

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