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Today we want to introduce you one more LEENjoy project supporter, an interesting blog which is called Alexander James Raymond, and we are glad share some more details about it.

So, the name of the project manager is Alexander James Raymond and his blog is added to LEEnjoy Team as a supporter of our project.

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Here is just one small quotation from the article, which is describing the author: “…Alexander James Raymond is an engaged member of his community in Catonsville, Maryland. He has a great finance profession and is recognized for his financial planning, investing, and project management abilities. His ambition when he began his financial profession was to study and develop as part of a successful and highly seasoned team. He has been able to easily segue into many sectors and pursuits throughout the years, with continuous success on practically every level.

Morgan Stanley was where Alex Raymond started his financial career. He stayed with the company for more than ten years, gaining experience and learning all he could about finance and business management. He also discovered how working as a cohesive team aided in the development of a network of specialists with whom he could seek guidance and assistance.

He spent a lot of his time at Morgan Stanley cultivating connections, creating specific client solutions, and learning new project management techniques. He was able to expand his résumé and promote his project management talents in a variety of ways after getting these qualifications. As a result, he was able to spread out and take advantage of several new chances.

As his tenure at Morgan Stanley drew to an end, his interests in project management widened. His interests started to shift toward IT initiatives, despite the fact that economics were still a component of everything he did. This immediately became an area in which he excelled. He had turned his firm into a flourishing enterprise generating over $330k a year before leaving Morgan Stanley, and he had assisted partners in growing their companies by more than 30%. He has doubled his earning potential in only two years after starting his own IT project management firm.

It was an easy transition from financial services to IT project management. All of the lessons he had gained at Morgan Stanley during the previous ten years were now relevant in his current position. He was able to try out different things and finally get two big contracts. Navy Federal had one contract and Driscoll’s had the other. To mention a few, Raymond has received project management consultancy offers from CVS, Ameriprise, and Key Bank. He works as a project manager and a Scrum Master, and because to his previous expertise, he has been able to grow swiftly in the IT area….”

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