How to Promote FLP and Use Diversification

The next two articles will be written from my personal name, but not from the name of LEEnjoy community or Levelnaut website administration. Soon you will understand the reason.

I haven’t told you about my Personal or third business, which I deal with. It is crypto, but more detailly I will tell you about in the next post.

Today, I will share with my own position to the The Model of Making Money and with LEEnjoy, add a few words about diversification and write about one more LEEnjoy Perk, which haven’t been mentioned yet.

  • My Position to Diversification

I understand the word “diversification” as a kind of protection of your business, or in simple words not putting all eggs into one basket”. Last ten years my main online business was crypto and I didn’t even want to hear about anything else. It was a big mistake and I lost too much. It was a hard decision, but finally I applied to diversification. Again, I will explain how it happened in the next article.

Saying “diversification”, I mean using “fiat” or traditional money in my online business. That is why, I completely accept the model of LEEnjoy, where two kinds of team business are protecting a personal one.

  • My participation in two kinds of team business

When it had been discussed which team business to choose, I agreed that the most reliable that the best variants are affiliate marketing and multi-level. Moreover, both these types are used very actively in crypto sphere two. So, in the first case we raised up the level of security working via CPA (Click Per Action networks, which choose the most trusted variants) and in the second we chose FLP (Forever Living Products company, which has been dealing in the health products market more than 45 years). Sure, both these two protecting kinds of business are not very fast and easy going. It takes a lot of time to become a successful specialist, but if we speak about reliability, they are good variants – the first one gives you necessary skills for promoting personal business and the second helps to care about health, nutrition, hygiene etc.

As for me, I use both these team variants of making money absolutely actively, learn all the details and use everything in my life.

  • My own perk added to LEEnjoy Health Club

Frankly, the idea of creating LEEnjoy Health Club belongs to me, that is why I personally will add the next item to the LEEnjoy Perks list and make one more step to the realization of our Resolutions for 2023 Year

What is this perk about? Soon we will create the catalogue of LEEnjoy Health Club members, where every member will get his own page at Levelnaut website. By the way, very soon the number of Levelnaut visitors will achieve “2 million milestone”. On this page will be place any links of members, referring to the health products business. That means as soon as you become a member of Health Club you will get an offer from Levelnaut administration to place any other referral links on this page. It will be a perfect tool for promotion not only our team FLP business, but for promotion your personal business too.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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