Crypto Is Still My Great Passion

As I promised yesterday, the next post will be my personal too and I will write it not from the name of LEENjoy – Learn, Earn, Enjoy! community, but from my own.

I promised to tell about my Personal business in LEEnjoy project and share with you just an example of this business category.

By the way, even working with two main businesses, according to our Model anyone can deal with crypto too, as one of them – Affiliate Marketing (or Resselling via CPA networks), doesn’t mean, that you should resell online courses only. You can choose those CPA Networkswhich deal with crypto projects too.

So, now I want to share with you shortly “my crypto story” and add one more LEEnjoy Perk from my own.

I had started my activity in crypto sphere since 2015 and was absolutely confident crypto enthusiast practically all the time, with exception of the last year. I made my “career” from regular crypto user to Founder of Elven Land project, where in the whole were issued about 30 cryptocurrencies. But the recession of the last year forced me to stop my crypto activity as the losses of money, time and efforts were killingly significant. Frankly, I was too much disappointed and came to the conclusion, that current world society is not ready to crytpo yet. I understood that something should be done another way but was too tired from struggle.

Moreover, I was sure, that I will not come back to crypto sphere again. Poor guy))) I couldn’t accept that passion to crypto is the passion of all my life. So, when I faceв the choice which business to choose as my Personal in LEEnjoy project, I immediately said to myself: “Of course, it is crypto”. Then, step-by-step, I started to recover my crypto activity and decided to be the supervisor of Crypto Category in LEEnjoy and Levelnaut.

That is why, I will add one more perk to the complete list of LEEnjoy Perks and it will sound this way. “Any participant can offer any suitable project to the category Crypto category and get LEEnjoy Founder to his downline if this project meets the selection criteria/a>”.

Soon, I will make a special page with more detailed instruction and describe the criteria.

Some more information about LEEnjoy project

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