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Betty Bakhita

Checking information about account of Betty Bakhita in Search, we have found some interesting information about this person in Gravatar and Facebook. Her introduction on Facebook looks this way: “😊Happy soul😊💞 Mom to baby Chris🥰🥰 Parenting Coach @WholesomeParentingwithBetty on YouTube 📍💯…” She lives in Kenia. And she studied at Technical University of Mombasa – TUM.

A few more words about Technical University of Mombasa – TUM as the main topics of Levelnaut website is Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing.

“…Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has passed through three transitional levels to become what it is now. The various phases it has undergone so far reflect the GOK’s concerted efforts in promoting technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship education and training in line with the dynamic technological and industrial growth in Kenya and in Africa.

The origin of TUM can be traced back to the late 1940’s as a result of the consultations pioneered by Sir Philip Mitchell in 1948 between The Aga Khan, the Sultan of Zanzibar, the Secretary of State for the colonies, Sir Bernard Reilly and H. M. Treasury…
…In 2013 Mombasa polytechnic University College (MPUC) became Technical University of Mombasa after being fully-fledged. The University had two well established Faculties and two Schools namely Faculty of Applied and Health Science and Faculty of Engineering and Technology and School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Business Studies. The University has programs running all the way from Masters to certificate level. The student statistics currently stands at 10,680, composed of 3,062 females and 7,618 males, spread across all the programs. The University also recognizes the importance of human capital in driving the vision of the institution. A number of human resource management policies have been developed to guard against loss in human capital while also attracting the best capital in the region. To this effect, the University College boasts of 240 teaching staff, 112 staff on contracts and 432 administrative staff, giving a total of 784.

This is projected to grow to 782 teaching staff and 700 administrative staff by the year 2017. Extending the knowledge and skills of its employees is one of the University’s key commitments. Ensuing from this quest, TUM has modelled itself as a “learning organization,” that continually aims at improving the provision of learning opportunities to its employees. To this end, the University averagely spends kshs 27.5 million annually on staff development. Currently 148 members of staff have are on sponsorship, taking various programs both locally and internationally. Since elevation into a University, TUM has recorded tremendous all round growth, making her on one of the fastest growing Universitys in Kenya. To sustain the growth and reposition as a world class university of Engineering, Science and Technology, TUM has continued to develop policy instruments, infrastructure and human resources that are dynamic and responsive to the Country needs. Also the University has signed collaborative agreements with lead bs-callout bs-callout-infoing international institutions of higher learning to partner in research, training and technology transfer. In line with government policy to increase access to University Education, the University has opened two strategic satellite Campuses in Kwale and Lamu County. These Campuses have made it convenient for deserving students to access TUM degree, diploma and certificate programs without necessarily coming to the main Campus.

The transition to the Technical University of Mombasa is therefore timely as the Country moves forward in addressing the social pillars of the Kenya vision 2030…”

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