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Alison: “…After the holidays, comes that time. The time to get back to work, back to the office, back to paperwork, and seemingly never-ending to-do lists. After a well-deserved break, it can be really difficult to pick it all up again. That’s why we are here to help you. Wherever you work and whatever your responsibilities are, these courses will help you start your year in the best way possible, and also help you keep it that way!”

OpenStudy College: “…As you know, January is a time when people start to put their New Year goals into action. For many, aspirations will include progressing their career in some way.This is exactly why the New Year is one of Open Study College’s busiest periods, and why you need to take advantage of our brand-new offers and discounts! With a whopping AOV of £900, what are you waiting for?”

Teachable: “…Join the creator economy this year. Happy New Year! 2023 is shaping up to be another year during which creators and the creator economy are expected to thrive. The creator economy is still growing, with close to 50 million people considering themselves to be creators. Not only that, but the overwhelming majority of those people consider themselves to be amateur creators, according to Influencer Marketing Hub….”

edX: “…Navigating a job search? Planning a career change? Leveling up in your current position? edX has you covered. Jumpstart the next phase of your journey with 20% off top courses and programs. Use code EDX2023 before this offer ends on January 9, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S.)”

International Open Academy: “…For Chef Cynthia, food is not a fad, it’s where she came from. While originally from Australia, she grew up in Papua New Guinea eating amazing local plants and learning how to make do with whatever she had. Now she’s here to teach you how to do the same, showing you how to make food that is both healthy and delicious. And you have two options to start learning from this course: either buy the course itself for €11.99 or subscribe for €9.99 per month so you can keep it and 200 other courses for as long as you want…”

Eventtrix: “…We don’t want you missing this chance to make 2023 your year of learning, so check out these deals today. Until tomorrow, you can get access to all courses for just €50! With unlimited access you can learn to bake delicious treats with Sophisticated Baking & Cake Design, serve up drinks and coffee with Bartender and Barista Training, or start a new job as an Executive Assistant. We’re also offering: Any course for €11.99 And 30% off course access time
So go check out Eventtrix today, before this sale ends!”

LearnDirect: “…Enter the new year with no regrets, enrol and SAVE 20% OFF as an extra special gift this new year. Get started today with a £0 deposit and spread your course fees over 24 months! Begin your journey today and make 2023 a year to remember!”

DataCamp: “…Go from zero to job ready through DataCamp with 67% off a yearly subscription. Valid 1/9 – 2/9. Boost your career with Forbes’ #1 ranked certification program. Use DataCamp Career Tracks & Certifications to get go from zero to job ready. Register your profile on DataCamp jobs and be in the top 5% of candidates by completing a DataCamp Certification. Use Workspace to build up your DataScience portfolio and showcase your experience to future employers…”

Pluralsight: “…This is your chance to learn for FREE with Pluralsight Skills. Each month we select five of the best courses in a skill area and make them free. Try them out today at no cost…”

Blockchain Council: “…”Metaverse has been identified as one of the top five emerging trends & technologies for 2022″ – Gartner
Metaverse is currently powered by the technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide enhanced immersive experiences. As per a recent KPMG report, it is predicted that by 2030, people will commonly apply for jobs, earn a living, shop, meet friends in the Metaverse….”

Luminar: “…We got some great news for the beginning of 2023, the Extensions of Luminar Neo are available for a free trial from today, 6 of January until the 16 of January! Anyone with Luminar Neo installed can now try any extension they like for 10 days. Users will need to click on the Extensions puzzle in Luminar Neo, and then activate the trial for the extension of their choice. The Extension will be available on trial until the 16 of January. …”

BitDegree/Learnoverse: “…Learnoverse and KyberSwap are proud to present you our newest Learn & Earn course. Students who complete the course will get a reward of 5 KNC tokens. It will be transdered directly to Metamask wallets, so make sure to have one 😉 …”

Varsity Tutors: “…We are excited to announce there are new BANNERS for the Varsity Tutors Learning Membership. Learning Membership sales will generate a 20% commission rate.As a reminder, this membership (with different tiers based on needs) provides a very robust offering for students with a mix of tutoring + unlimited online classes and more across all age group needs. Pricing details outlined below. (text link ID: 1488652)”

Babbel: “…We would like to announce that our New Year’s Resolution starts today. The special offer will be live until the 16th of January. During the promotion, we offer up to 55% discount on our products. You can find the additional links & banners to the promo under the “January23” category in all our display languages…”

Busuu: “…Supercharge your language skills this January. Get 60% off Busuu Premium and practise skills you’ll use to have conversations that build real-life connections….”

Italki: “…Here’s a small guide on deciphering English words with the most meanings, English words with the same spelling and different meanings, English words that sound alike but have different meanings, and English words that have several meanings, and how to use them correctly…”

Learn French with Alexa: “…In the season of giving we want to give you and your network something special for the holidays. At Learn French with Alexa, we’re going to be offering a Holiday Sale between the 20th of December – the 4th of January, during which there will be a 20% off discount on my courses…”

Lingualift: “…A new year deserves a new experience. Let’s start 2023 off the right way! All our dedicated readers will receive 25% OFF! our new app. Just use the code: FRESHSTART2023 This is your year!!!…”

Personal Capital: “…New year, big goals. Give your audience a financial advisor’s take on how to set (and keep!) their money resolutions in 2023 and beyond, as their next conversation with Personal Capital could come with $100.Starting today and through January 31st, 2023, we are offering a $100 Visa® gift card for new users that participate in both an initial call and advisory recommendation with a Personal Capital advisor. Users have until February 28th, 2023 to meet with our advisors, but they must sign-up before January ends to qualify for the reward…”

Holly and Hugo: “…National Dog Training Month is a time for raising awareness about the importance of proper pet training and healthy socialization to a dog’s well-being. After all, December can be a big month for adoptions and new pet parents need to keep in mind the importance of pet training, starting right from puppyhood!…”

FeppyBox (Trilingo Kids): “…2023 Calendar $19.95 Now $9.95 Get our best-selling 2023 Bilingual Coloring Calendar for only $9.95, including shipping. You’ll soon discover why this fun-filled immersive learning tool is our 2022 Walmart Bestseller!”

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